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Automatic Door Opener - 109 - 2000mm Single Door - 400kg



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CNC Autodoor - 109 - Automatic Door Opener - 2000mm SIngle Door - 400kg


The door openers of CNC AutoDoor are designed to automatically open and close the door(s) of CNC machines. The servo-controlled door openers are supplied with a control cabinet, equipped with a Siemens control module which is self-learning and automatically detects resistance. Thus the CNC AutoDoor is 100% safe and can be used without additional limit switches, light curtains, pressure switches etc. The CNC AutoDoor comes with a set of universal mounting brackets, allowing the system to be installed on any CNC machine. The door opener can be controlled using the I/O signals available in the CNC machine or with additional mounted push buttons. Of course, the manual that is supplied with the CNC AutoDoor carefully explains how to install it in a proper and safe manner.

Why an automatic door opener?

+ Good for your operator

The prevention of physical complaints caused by manual operation of the CNC machine door.

+ Ready for future automation

Use in combination with robot automation of your CNC machine.

+ Suitable for most Makes & Models of CNC Turning Centers & Machining Centers

+ Easily Installed by yourself

+ All models available on a 4 week delivery


ManufacturerCNC Autodoor
Model109 - Automatic Door Opener - 2000mm SIngle Door - 400kg
TypeSingle Door Opener
Door Opening (Max)2000mm
Door Weight (Max)400kg