Repar2 Machine Safety Guarding

REPAR2 projects, manufactures and engineers since 1970 Safety Guards for Machine Tools in its wide modern factory located in Gorla Minore (Milano area) and offers quite a wide range of standard products for lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, slotting machines, sawing machines, presses, boring mills, tool grinders together with perimeter guarding and anti-fatigue/anti-skidding foot-boards and industrial lamps.

Nowadays Repar2 is the leader in the field of safety on machines for mechanical industry exporting most of its production worldwide, not only in Europe but in every Country where the CE Norms have been adopted and participating to a great number of International Exhibitions through their wide and professional Distribution network.

The main target for Repar2 is the constant improvement of its products,offering a wide standard range, easy fitting, full comfort and safety for the operator.

Customised guards are studied on our CAD System to resolve any special needs of the Customer for their complete satisfaction.

Guards provide a thorough visibility of workpiece, long lasting resistance and comply to the latest CE Machinery Directive dictated by the European Community.

The general increased attention and care for safety in working places and the relevant increase of demand of these products all over the world, has enabled Repar2 to make a proper engineering of the product with the result of offering a range of high quality products at competitive prices.

All this in the aim to make workshops operate in the utmost safety environment.

Repar2 Machine Guards comply to CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE (D.Lgs. 81/2008)


Links to more information for each Repar2 product variant available.

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