We Source Machines

Let us take the pain out of Sourcing your Used Machines!

As most company decision makers are too busy to spend the required time to specify the correct machine for their purpose along with dealing with mulitple sales people wanting to sell their products, we offer a machine sourcing service which takes care of the machine specifying, machine pricing, machine comparisons and dealing with sales people.

From our service you will receive a full breakdown of up to 5 machine options from differing suppliers, how the machines compare to each other and how the selling companies compare to each other for back up service.

With over 25 years experience in repairing and selling machine tools, we can assure you of excellent support in your machine tool purchase.

Our consultancy service covers new, used & refurbished machines.

Please contact Noel Moloney for more information on our sourcing service at noel.moloney@usedmachinetoolsireland.com or +353 83 8108745.