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Alfra GmbH PSG 5+® Profile Rail Cutting Device



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ALFRA Profile Rail Cutting Device® – PSG 5+®

Product No: 03001

Scope of Supply

With transverse and longitudinal hole puncher 12 x 6.4mm, 1000mm length limit stop and guidance fixture incl. C-profile 3415


Lowest possible cutting clearance, highest precision. The PSG 5+ from Alfra's product line of profile rail cutters is the model with the widest range of applications. It convinces by exact, burr-free 90 degree cuts, because the length stop with double guide prevents the rail from slipping. Unique is the shear plate with reinforced eccentric for an improved power transmission. Shearing forces acting from above ensure that the desired section is cut off cleanly and effortlessly. The long, soft-touch reinforced handle provides additional comfort. The PSG 5+ not only cuts mounting rails with the dimensions 35mm/7.5; 35mm/15, 15 mm; 15mm/5.5; but also copper grounding rails with the dimensions 10 mm X 3 mm and C-profiles 3415. It is also possible to cut G-profiles according to EN 60715. The 'plus' is provided by hole punches and dies for round, long and cross holes.

For mounting rails, for hand lever operation for cutting to length and hole punching longitudinally and transversely on the depicted mounting rails.

  • With reinforced cam located directly above the shear plate
  • Lower force application due to improved force transmission
  • Burr-free cutting to length without waste
  • Maintenance-free
  • Anodised, laser-engraved length limit stop 1,000 mm with guiding device for precise angled cutting to length, with millimetre and inch scaling
  • Shear plate can be re-ground, puncher replaceable
  • Custom-made products are also possible (please send us a sample rail
  • of about 1,000 mm length)

Technical Specifications:

Standard version Cuts: TS 35/7.5 - 35/15 - 15/5.5 - Cu 10.0 x 3.0 mm

Guide fixture: 90°-angle precise cutting

Anodised, laser-engraved longitudinal limit stop: 1,000 mm with guidance

Fixture for precise angled cutting to length with millimetre and inch scaling.

Stable profile guiding: 90° cuts

Handle: reinforced – soft touch

Transverse and Longitudinal hole puncher: 12 x 6.4 mm

Other Versions of PSG 5+® Available

03001G - with transverse and longitudinal hole puncher 12 x 6.4mm,1000mm length limit stop and guidance fixture incl. G-profile as per EN 60715

03002 - as 03001, however with round hole puncher Ø 5.5 or 6.0 mm

03003 - as 03001, however with hydraulic cylinder


ManufacturerAlfra GmbH
ModelPSG 5+® Profile Rail Cutting Device
Product No03001
Handlereinforced – soft touch
* Guide support90°-angle precise cutting
* limit stop1000 mm with guidance
* Stable profile guiding90° cuts
Transverse and Longitudinal hole puncher:12 x 6.4 mm
Round hole puncher:Ø 5.5 or 6.0 mm
Guide fixture90°-angle precise cutting