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Alfra GmbH Rotabest RB 130B Magnetic Core Drill



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Alfra Rotabest RB130 B Magnetic Core Drill

Type: Magnetic Core Drill

Product No: 18646

Power: 230V

Magnet: Electromagnet

Drill Description

The Rotabest 130 B - when size matters, the XXL model among the Alfra core drilling machines is perfect for metal workers who need more: More power, more drill hole diameter, more cutting depth. For drill hole diameters up to 130 mm.

Our machine for big tasks can be combined with core drills up to a diameter of 130 mm, with step drills up to a diameter of 80 mm and with twist drills up to a diameter of 45 mm. It has an MK4 mount, soft start of the engine and a 4-speed gearbox. 33000 N magnetic holding force is ensuring a secure hold on ferromagnetic materials and the slip clutch is protecting the device from overload. The plus for special user-friendliness: among other things, soft-touch handles, a clearly arranged membrane keyboard and a cable in the comfortable length of 5 m.

Technical Specifications:

Core drill dimensions: Ø 12.0 - 130.0 mm / Ø 20.0 - 50.0 mm (Cutting Depth: 110 mm)

Cutting depth: 50.0 mm / 110.0 mm

Twist drill: up to Ø 45.0 mm with MT4 DIN 345

Counterboring: Ø 10.0 - 80.0 mm

Tapping: with tapping attachment: up to M42

Arbor: MT4

Stroke: 230 mm

Height adjustment: 100 mm

Gearbox – on-load speed: 1. Step 30 - 80 rpm 2. Step 50 - 120 rpm 3. Step 130 - 350 rpm 4. Step 210 - 550 rpm

Power consumption: 2,500 W

Voltage: 230 V 50/60 Hz

Magnetic holding force: 33,000 N

Tool-Force (10 mm): 5,000 N

Min. material thickness: 10 mm

Magnetic base: 90 x 400 mm

Weight: 37.0 kg




Smooth Start


Oil bath gearbox

Mechanical slipping clutch



Soft-touch grips

Membrane keyboard




ManufacturerAlfra GmbH
ModelRotabest RB 130B Magnetic Core Drill
TypeMagnetic Core Drill
Product No18646
Stroke230 mm
Height adjustment100 mm
Voltage230 V 50/60 Hz
Magnetic holding force33,000 N
Tool-Force (10 mm)5,000 N
Min. material thickness10 mm
Magnetic base90 x 400 mm
Weight37.0 kg