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Alfra GmbH Rotabest RB 35 SP Magnetic Core Drill



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Alfra Rotabest RB 35 SP Magnetic Core Drill

Type: Magnetic Core Drill

Product No: 18801.110

Power: 110V (also available in 230V)

Magnet: Permanent Magnet

Drill Description

Alfra core drilling machines from the SP line are special. The reliable helpers on construction sites, in metalworking companies or in shipyards, are bringing more flexibility to your working environment. The reason: Like all models belonging to the SP line, the RB 35 SP is equipped with a permanent magnet. The device is adhering to ferromagnetic materials from a thickness of only 3 mm, completely independent from power supply. 'Crashes' in case of a power failure are therefore impossible. This is also ensured by the sensor function for maximum occupational safety. The LED light is indicating, whether the material, to which the machine is attached, is sufficiently strong. In addition, the magnetic base can be positioned effortlessly thanks to pretensioning. Another advantage: With a dead weight of only 9.9 kg, our 35 SP is leaving the competition far behind. You get quality 'Made in Germany', in a particularly user-friendly form: the SP line is combining all performance features for metal core drilling with ergonomically perfect operating comfort and sophisticated equipment. For example soft start and overload protection. Drill safely in any position with a cutting depth of up to 50 mm. The RB 35 SP can be combined with core drills up to a diameter of 25 mm, with twist drills up to a diameter of 13 mm and step drills up to a diameter of 40 mm.

Technical Specifications:

Core drill dimensions: Ø 12.0 - 35.0 mm

Cutting depth: 50.0 mm

Twist drill: Ø 1.0 - 13.0 mm

Counterboring: Ø 10.0 - 40.0 mm

Arbor: Quick-release chuck

Stroke: 105 mm

Height adjustment: 80 mm

Gearbox – on-load speed: 450 rpm

Power consumption: 1,100 W

Voltage: 110 V 50/60 Hz

Magnetic holding force: 17,000 N

Tool-Force (10 mm): 2,800 N

Min. material thickness: from 3 mm

Magnetic base: 72 x 190 mm

Weight: 9.9 kg



Smooth Start

Hybrid relay

Overload protection

Motor emergency stop


Stepless adjustment


Soft-touch grips

Membrane keyboard

Holder for Allen key 

Cord length 5 m


Permanent magnet


ManufacturerAlfra GmbH
ModelRotabest RB 35 SP Magnetic Core Drill
TypeMagnetic Core Drill
Product No18801.110
MagnetPermanent Magnet
Cutting depth50.0 mm
ArborQuick-release chuck
Stroke105 mm
Height adjustment80 mm
Gearbox – on-load speed450 rpm
Power consumption1,100 W
Magnetic holding force17,000 N
Tool-Force (10 mm)2,800 N
Min. material thicknessfrom 3 mm
Magnetic base72 x 190 mm
Weight9.9 kg