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Cormak SGA-40100AHD Automatic Surface Grinder



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Cormak SGA-40100AHD Automatic Surface Grinder

Machine Type: Automatic Surface Griner

Year: New

Control: Siemens PLC

Capacity: 400 x 1000mm

Machine Description

Surface Grinding Machine for continuous work in production. Broad grinding range and a programmable PLC SIEMENS controller. Modern, sturdy design. Its headstock operates on two pairs of guides. Automatic feeds for 3 axes. As standard comes with a digital display.

Machine Features

Automatic feeds for 3 axes

Digital display

Sturdy structure

Very high accuracy


Digital display 3 axis

406×1000 mm electromagnetic chuck

Grinding wheel

Mandrel for wheel balancing

Grinding wheel fixture

Set of tools

24V halogen lighting

Cooling system

User manual

CE declaration of conformity

Technical Specifications

Magnetic Table Size: 406x1020 mm

Table Longitudinal Travel Speed: 7~23 m/min

Maximum Distance from Spindle Axis to Table: 580 mm

Maximum Table Capacity (including the chuck): 600 kg

Automatic Transverse Table Travel: 0.1~8 mm

Rapid Transverse Feed: 990 mm/min

Handwheel Feed: 0.02 (0,001")mm 5 (0.2") mm

Grinding Wheel Size: 350 x 40 x 127 mm

Grinding Wheel Speed: 1450 rpm

Auto-feed (vertical): 0,005/0,01/0,02/ 0,03/0,04/0,05 mm

Speed Feed (vertical): 240 mm/min

Handwheel Feed (vertical): 0,005 (0,0002') mm/min 1 (0,04") rpm

Spindle Motor: 5.5 kW

Oil Pump Motor: 2.2 kW

Cooling Pump Motor: 0.125 kW

Motor Vertical Drive: 0.5 kW

Motor Transverse Drive: 0.04 kW

Machine Dimensions: 4400 x 2400 x 3250mm

Weight: 4300 kg


ModelSGA-40100AHD Automatic Surface Grinder
Machine TypeAutomatic Surface Griner
ControlSiemens PLC
Capacity400 x 1000mm
Magnetic Table Size406x1020 mm
Table Longitudinal Travel Speed7~23 m/min
Automatic Transverse Table Travel0.1~8 mm
Rapid Transverse Feed990 mm/min
Grinding Wheel Speed1450 rpm
Speed Feed (vertical)240 mm/min
Auto-feed (vertical)0,005/0,01/0,02/ 0,03/0,04/0,05 mm
Spindle Motor5.5 kW
Oil Pump Motor2.2 kW
Cooling Pump Motor0.125 kW
Motor Vertical Drive0.5 kW
Motor Transverse Drive0.04 kW
Weight4300 kg