CNC Autodoor


The door openers of CNC AutoDoor are designed to automatically open and close the door(s) of CNC machines. The servo-controlled door openers are supplied with a control cabinet, equipped with a Siemens control module which is self-learning and automatically detects resistance. Thus the CNC AutoDoor is 100% safe and can be used without additional limit switches, light curtains, pressure switches etc. The CNC AutoDoor comes with a set of universal mounting brackets, allowing the system to be installed on any CNC machine. The door opener can be controlled using the I/O signals available in the CNC machine or with additional mounted push buttons. Of course, the manual that is supplied with the CNC AutoDoor carefully explains how to install it in a proper and safe manner.


The prevention of physical complaints in manual operation of the CNC machine.

A very common problem among operators is that their arms and joints can become overloaded as a result of the frequent opening of the machine door. This can be resolved by the CNC AutoDoor. The automatic door opener can be controlled from the control panel of the CNC machine or via optional pressure sensors.


Use in combination with robot automation of your CNC machine.

An automatic door is a necessary condition for the robot automation of your CNC machine. If the automatic door does not come standard with the CNC machine, then the CNC AutoDoor is the perfect universal solution for all brands of CNC machines.


  • CNC AutoDoor 1000 – single door 400 kg: € 4.750
  • CNC AutoDoor 1500 – single door 400 kg: € 4.950
  • CNC AutoDoor 2000 – single door 400 kg: € 5.350
  • CNC AutoDoor 2x1000 – double door 400 kg: € 8.250
  • CNC AutoDoor 2x1500 – double door 400 kg: € 8.450
  • CNC AutoDoor 2x2000 – double door 400 kg: € 9.250
  • CNC AutoDoor 1500 – single/double door 400 kg: € 5.050
  • CNC AutoDoor 2000 – single/double door 400 kg: € 5.650

NB: Prices exclude delivery

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