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Cormak TB12 Swaging Machine



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Cormak TB12 Manual Swaging Machine

Machine Type: Swaging/Bordering/Beading Machine

Machine Description

A precision bordering machine with a broad rollers selection. The bordering machine serves for sheet metal of soft steel or equivalent hand shaping. The machine is made of cast iron and steel thanks to which the formed material deformation is reduced to a minimum. The machine is supplied with six sets of rollers that enable sheet metal various types of machining.

  • For stiffened grooving and joining
  • Shafts precision installation in bearings
  • Stable cast iron, modern shape construction
  • 6 pairs of shafts for grooving and border hemming.
  • Quick and easy assembly with rotary assembling element
  • Stable bordering machine with shaft driven with crank
  • Lower shaft with controlled limiter
  • High precision achieved thanks to shafts precisely installed in bearings

Technical Details

Cylinder length: 140mm

Maximal material thickness: 1.2mm

Grooving depth: 200mm

Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 630 x 250 x 500mm


ModelTB12 Swaging Machine
Machine TypeSwaging/Bordering/Beading Machine
Cylinder length140mm
Maximal material thickness1.2mm
Grooving depth200mm