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Cormak PW-2550 CNC Plasma Table




Cormak PW2550 Plasma Table

Machine Type: Plasma Table with CNC Control - Excluding Plasma Source

Machine Description

CNC plasma table is a machine designed for cutting out shapes from sheets (any shapes). This machine features simplicity and easy handling. Our CNC cutter ensures high accuracy and repeatability of cutting (0.1 mm).

Machine Features

  • X-axis working range: 2000 mm
  • Y-axis working range: 4000 mm
  • Y-axis range: 150 mm
  • Gas cutting thickness: 0-120 mm (in plasma cutting it depends on the power of plasma)
  • Cutting speed: 0-4000 mm/min
  • Power supply: 230 V
  • Separate control panel
  • Stepper motors of high quality
  • Professional management and programming system 
  • Computer controlling kit + USB
  • Blowtorch head endings included
  • THC voltage height controller 
  • Material detection sensor
  • Gases mixer
  • USB port as well as internal and external memory
  • Machine handling training
  • FastCAM software in English — simple for designing and generating G-codes
  • G-codes, HPGL, CAD, PLT
  • MAKRO – a library containing standard shapes enables creating figures without the necessity of drawing them.
  • NESTING – an automatic arrangement of elements on a sheet
  • DEMO – shows a working path without having to turn on the plasma source or oxygen


ModelPW-2550 CNC Plasma Table
* X-axis working range2000 mm
* Y-axis working range4000 mm
* Y-axis range150 mm
* Cutting speed0-4000 mm/min
* Power supply230 V