1990 TOS OFA 32A Gear Hobbing Machine





1990 TOS OFA 32A Gear Hobbing Machine

Year: 1990

Type: Hydraulic Gear Hobbing Machine

Status: Decommissioned


Selection of Arbors

Indexing Gears


The OFA 32A Gear Hobber is designed to hob spur gears with straight or helical teeth, sprocket wheels, worm wheels in radial hobbing method, spline shafts and other types of profiled components in the gear generating method.

Technical Details

Max Gear Diameter: 320mm (12.6″)

Max. Module To Be Hobbed: 7mm (3.6 DP)

Hob Head Travel: 250mm (9.8″)

Distance Hob Axis To Table Axis Min.: 40mm (1.6″)

Distance Hob Axis To Table Axis Max.: 300mm (11.8″)

Max. Helical Angle Of Gear Teeth: ±45°

Max. Diameter Of Hob: 150mm (5.9″)

Max. Length Of Hob: 200mm (7.8″)

Hob Speeds In Steps: (17) 71-450 RPM

Diameter Of Work Table: 300mm (11.8″)

Bore In Work Table: 80mm (3.2″)

Axial Feeds: 1-220mm/min 

Radial Feeds: 0.5-25mm/min

Tangential Feeds: 0.26-50mm/min

Rapid Traverse Axial: 560mm/min (22 IPM)

Rapid Traverse Radial: 300mm/min (11.8 IPM)

Rapid Traverse Tangential: 60/30 mm/min

Approx Dimensions (L x W): 2500 x 2400mm ( 99.2″ x 94.1″)

Approx Height: 1800mm (71.65″)

Approx Weight: 6,200KG (14,000 Lbs)


ModelOFA 32A Gear Hobbing Machine
TypeHydraulic Gear Hobbing Machine
Max Gear Diameter320mm (12.6″)
Hob Head Travel250mm (9.8″)
Max. Diameter Of Hob150mm (5.9″)
Max. Length Of Hob200mm (7.8″)
Hob Speeds In Steps(17) 71-450 RPM
Diameter Of Work Table300mm (11.8″)
Bore In Work Table80mm (3.2″)
Axial Feeds1-220mm/min
Radial Feeds0.5-25mm/min
Tangential Feeds0.26-50mm/min
Rapid Traverse Axial560mm/min (22 IPM)
Rapid Traverse Radial300mm/min (11.8 IPM)
Rapid Traverse Tangential60/30 mm/min
Approx Height1800mm (71.65″)
Approx Weight6,200KG (14,000 Lbs)