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Cormak 36T Transport Skates Set



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Cormak 36Ton Transport Skate Set

Total Load Capacity (WL18 & WF18): 36T


A set of transport rollers consisting of a WL18 mobile platform and a WF18 transport chassis. The maximum lifting capacity of the set is 36 tons. Transport rollers enable easy and safe transport of heavy objects. Thanks to the use of polyurethane thread rollers the transported machine and the floor are not damaged. Technical Details - WL18

Rollers size: 85mm

Number of rolls: 16

Capacity: 18000kg

Loading Height: 110mm

Load Bearing Surface: Ø 170mm

Supporting Points: 1

Length of Shaft: 1080mm

Turning Angle of Shaft: ± 90 Degree

Dimensions: 1030 x 620 x 110mm

Weight: 137kg Technical Details - WF18

Rollers size: 85mm

Number of rollers: 16

Capacity: 18000kg

Loading Height: 110mm

Load Bearing Surface: 200 x 407mm

Supporting Points: 2

Connector Length: 1430mm

Width distribution of skates: 1014-1430mm

Weight: 70kg


Model36T Transport Skates Set
Rollers size85mm
Number of rolls16
Loading Height110mm
Load Bearing SurfaceØ 170mm
Supporting Points1
Length of Shaft1080mm
Turning Angle of Shaft± 90 Degree
Number of rollers16
Rollers size85mm
Load Bearing Surface200 x 407mm
Supporting Points2
Connector Length1430mm
Width distribution of skates1014-1430mm