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Cormak WRHS2016 Mast Pallet Truck



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Cormak WRHS2016 Mast Pallet Truck with Adjustable Forks


Universal high-reach pallet jack, up to 2000 kg capacity, equipped with double polyurethane rollers, ensuring stable, quiet, long and failure-free work. This mast pallet truck is designed for usage in warehouses, shops etc. for loading and unloading.


  • 2000 kg load capacity
  • dedicated hydraulic pump allowing for stepless lowering
  • solid design (long-term durability)
  • maintenance and spares available
  • wheels and rollers suitable for uneven surfaces: polyurethane
  • overload valve securing the jack
  • up to 190° control range, rounded endings of forks make it easier to get under pallets

Technical Details

External width of forks: 300 - 850 mm (adjustable)

Maximum lift height: 1600 mm

Load capacity: 2000 kg

Centre of gravity: 450 mm

Length of forks: 1150 mm

Width between forks: 230 mm

Turning radius: 400 mm

Steering wheels: 180x50 mm

Forks wheel: 74x70 mm

Total height: 2110 mm

Total width: 740 mm

Total weight: 240 kg


ModelWRHS2016 Mast Pallet Truck
Maximum lift height1600 mm
Load capacity2000 kg
Centre of gravity450 mm
Length of forks1150 mm
Width between forks230 mm
Turning radius400 mm
Steering wheels180x50 mm
Forks wheel74x70 mm
Total height2110 mm
Total width740 mm
Total weight240 kg