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RHTC PB 40-3 Profile Bending Machine



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RHTC Presses PB 40-3

The PB 40-3 is a Profi Bend tube bending machine: we produce this tube bender in Europe and deliver it directly from our stock.

This tube bending machine has a shaft diameter of 40 mm and 3 driven rolls. It is easy to switch between working with two or three driven rolls via the gearshift on the side of the machine. Operation of this roll former is done by a foot pedal and with the pedals you choose the turning direction of the rolls.

Our PB 40-3 has a hand wheel to adjust the position of the upper / centre roll. The position of this upper roll can be read out on the scale next to it. Furthermore, our tube bending machines can work in two positions: a vertical and a horizontal working position. Changing this working position is quick and easy.

A standard set of rollers is included for bending profiles and flat bars. However, we can also deliver roller sets for bending tubes and pipes as an option with this tube bender. Further optional accessories are distance rollers, a yoke and a spiral bending device. Profi Bend machines are provided with storage compartments for its accessories as well.

Our Profi Bend tube bending machines are robust and reliable.

If you want to bend profiles or pipe material, the Profi Bend is your best choice! With these profile bending machines you can bend a huge variety of different profiles in almost any desired radius. Made in Europe

 All our profile bending machines can be used in vertical and horizontal working position.

Equipped with 3 driven rolls and it is easy to switch between working with 2 driven rolls or 3 driven rolls. All Profi Bend profile bending machines are delivered with a standard set of rollers.

The adjustment of the position of the upper roll is very easy. The PB 40-3 and PB 50-3 are equipped with a hand wheel for a manual adjustment and the PB 50-3H has an hydraulic adjustment by means of a hand pump. The PB PB 50-3H is also equipped with a digital read-out.

Available in:

PB 50-3

PB 50 -3H (hydraulic)

Technical specifications:

Shaft diameter [mm]: 40

Roll diameter [mm]: 150

Rotational speed of rollers [rpm]: 10

Voltage [v/Hz]: 400/50

Driving motor [kW]: 1.5

Adjusting way [mm]: 72

Weight [kg]: 290

Total length [mm]: 870

Total width [mm]: 800

Overall height [mm]: 1350


Manual adjustment of the upper roll with a hand wheel

Vertical and horizontal working position

Three driven rolls

Foot pedal

Delivered with standard set of rollers


20 x 6mm ø200mm

50 x 10mm ø400mm

30 x 6mm ø200mm

80 x 15mm ø350mm

10mm ø100mm

30mm ø600mm

40 x 40 x 5mm ø400mm

20 x 20 x 3mm ø250mm

50 x 50 x 8mm ø400mm

20 x 20 x 3mm ø250mm

50 x 50 x 6mm ø500mm

50 x 25 x 5mm ø300mm

50 x 25 x 5mm ø400mm

30mm ø600mm

30 x 1.5mm ø600mm

60 x 1.5mm ø1000mm

40 x 40 x 2.9mm ø1000mm

Optional accessories:

Special sets of rollers (steel or plastic)

Spiral bending device


Distance rollers


ModelPB 40-3 Profile Bending Machine
Shaft diameter [mm]40
Roll diameter [mm]150
Voltage [v/Hz]400/50
Driving motor [kW]1.5
Adjusting way [mm]72
Weight [kg]290
Total length [mm]870
Total width [mm]800
Overall height [mm]1350