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RHTC PPCD-100 C-Frame Press



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RHTC Presses PPCD-100

Our 100 ton C-frame press is suitable for performing work involving deep-drawing, forming and stamping.

Equipped with a lower table with T-grooves, an adjustable piston stroke (with end-stroke switches), two speeds and a pressure switch. This 100 ton C-frame press has a manual and semi-automatic mode. Furthermore, you can operate the press by means of the two-hand push buttons.

These C-frame presses of RHTC consist of an electro welded structure made out of S355JR steel and are designed for stamping, die-cutting and forming / to incorporate in automated production lines. Made in Europe.

These C-frame press models are equipped with a mechanized lower table with T-grooves. The cylinder is mechanized at the end to adapt tools and moulds.The cylinder stroke is easy to adjust with the end-stroke switches on the side of the presses. Operation of these PPCD-models is carried out by a two-hand push button with level IV security module. The safety for these C-frame models is guaranteed by two fixed lateral protection screens and a front opening of 600 mm. The control panel features a selector for manual or semi-automatic operation and a selector for the two different cylinder speeds (fast approach speed and slow working speed). It also contains a pressure switch and manometer. 

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Technical specifications:

Force [tn]: 100

Motor power [kw]: 5.5

Throat depth [mm]: 325

Working speed [mm/sec]: 4.8

Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 21

Return speed [mm/sec]: 32

Maximum pressure [bar]: 320

Piston stroke [mm]: 250

Lower table size [mm]: 550 x 550

Max. vertical light [mm]: 400

Working height [mm]: 900

Total length [mm]: 1470

Total width (frontal) [mm]: 850

Height [mm]: 2155

Weight [kg]: 2500


Equipped with a lower table with T-grooves

The cylinder is mechanized at the end to adapt tools and moulds

The cylinder stroke is easy to adjust with the end-stroke switches

Manual / semi-automatic work mode

Two cylinder speeds

Pressure switch and manometer

Operation by two-hands push buttons

Optional accessories:

Geometry adapted to your requirements (for example a larger table, larger vertical light or larger piston stroke)

Higher speeds with a different pump

Hydraulic ejector

Punching tool-set for diameters from 6 up to 100 mm with anti-deformation elastic hold-down

415 mm folding tool-set (Promecam clamping system)

Cooling equipment for the hydraulic group by an air-oil cooling system

Mechanical regulation of the cylinder, only available for the PPCD-80 and PPCD-100


ModelPPCD-100 C-Frame Press
Force [tn]100
Motor power [kw]5.5
Throat depth [mm]325
Working speed [mm/sec]4.8
Approaching speed [mm/sec]21
Return speed [mm/sec]32
Maximum pressure [bar]320
Piston stroke [mm]250
Lower table size [mm]550 x 550
Max. vertical light [mm]400
Working height [mm]900
Total length [mm]1470
Total width (frontal) [mm]850
Height [mm]2155
Weight [kg]2500