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RHTC PPHV-300 Cambering Press



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RHTC Presses PPHV-300 

Our 300 ton cambering press is a robust and durable hydraulic straightening press. This press has a piston stroke of 450 mm (which can be regulated by means of the end-stroke switches) and the maximum opening between the supporting back table and pushing main table is 900 mm. Made in Europe and we guarantee a very high quality for these straightening machines.

The Profi Press 300 ton cambering press meets and satisfies the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the latest CE-standards. We deliver them with a warranty of 2 years. Furthermore, these hydraulic cambering presses can be adapted to special needs such as a larger opening between the tables or a bigger support table

 The control panel features a manometer, pressure regulator, a selector for manual or semi-automatic operation and a selector for the two different cylinder speeds (fast approach speed and slow working speed). With the end-stroke switches you can easily regulate the cylinder stroke.

The supporting back table and pushing main table are equipped with Tgrooves and support blocks. The main table ensures perfect alignment by means of four cylindrical lateral guides. A height-adjustable accompanying roller at both sides.

Available in:

  • PPHV-150
  • PPHV-220
  • PPHV-300

Technical specifications:

Pressure force [tn]: 300

Motor power [kw]: 7.5

Throat depth [mm]: 405

Working speed [mm/sec]: 2

Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 9.9

Pressure max. [bar]: 320

Piston stroke [mm]: 450

Guides diameter [mm]: 60

Opening between tables [mm]: 900

Supporting back table [mm]: 2500 x 750

Pushing main table [mm]: 750 x 750

Two support blocks back table [mm]: 150 x 150 x 750

One support block main table [mm]: 150 x 150 x 750

Working height [mm]: 950

Total length [mm]: 3200

Total width [mm]: 2500

Overall height [mm]: 1840

Weight [kg]: 13300


Large supporting back table

Pushing main table

Support blocks (movable) and T-grooves on both tables

In height adjustable accompanying roller at both sides of the machine

Four cylindrical lateral guides for a perfect alignment of the main table

Adjustable end-stroke switches

Selector for manual / semi-automatic operation

Selector for working with 1 or 2 speeds

Pressure regulator and manometer

Optional accessories :

 Supporting back table of 4, 6 or 8 meter

Basic supply rails (as shown in the picture) with height adjustment (available in different lengths)

CNC Siemens

415 mm folding tool-set (PROMECAN clamping system)


ModelPPHV-300 Cambering Press
Pressure force [tn]300
Motor power [kw]7.5
Throat depth [mm]405
Working speed [mm/sec]2
Approaching speed [mm/sec]9.9
Pressure max. [bar]320
Piston stroke [mm]450
Guides diameter [mm]60
Opening between tables [mm]900
Supporting back table [mm]2500 x 750
Pushing main table [mm]750 x 750
Working height [mm]950
Total length [mm]3200
Total width [mm]2500
Overall height [mm]1840
Weight [kg]13300