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RHTC PPHV-150 Cambering Press



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RHTC Presses PPHV-150 

Our 150 ton cambering press is a robust and durable hydraulic straightening press. This press has a piston stroke of 450 mm (which can be regulated by means of the end-stroke switches) and the maximum opening between the supporting back table and pushing main table is 700 mm. Made in Europe and we guarantee a very high quality for these straightening machines.

The Profi Press 150 ton cambering press meets and satisfies the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the latest CE-standards. We deliver them with a warranty of 2 years. Furthermore, these hydraulic cambering presses can be adapted to special needs such as a larger opening between the tables or a bigger support table

These cambering presses are especially designed to carry out the straightening and bending of profiles, bars and beams. The horizontal design of this cam-bering machine permits an easy handling of large beams and profiles. Made in Europe.

Available in:

  • PPHV-150
  • PPHV-220
  • PPHV-300

Technical specifications:


Pressure force [tn]: 150

Motor power [kw]: 4

Throat depth [mm]: 300

Working speed [mm/sec]: 2

Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 9.9

Return speed [mm/sec]: 15.4

Pressure max. [bar]: 320

Piston stroke [mm]: 450

Guides diameter [mm]: 50

Opening between tables [mm]: 700

Supporting back table [mm]: 2000 x 500

Pushing main table [mm]: 500 x 500

Two support blocks back table [mm]: 100 x 100 x 500

One support block main table [mm]: 100 x 100 x 500

Working height [mm]: 900

Total length [mm]: 2520

Total width [mm]: 2000

Overall height [mm]: 1570

Weight [kg]: 6700


Large supporting back table

Pushing main table

Support blocks (movable) and T-grooves on both tables

In height adjustable accompanying roller at both sides of the machine

Four cylindrical lateral guides for a perfect alignment of the main table

Adjustable end-stroke switches

Selector for manual / semi-automatic operation

Selector for working with 1 or 2 speeds

Pressure regulator and manometer

Optional accessories:

 Supporting back table of 4, 6 or 8 meters

Basic supply rails (as shown in the picture) with height adjustment (available in different lengths)

CNC Siemens

415 mm folding tool-set (PROMECAN clamping system)


ModelPPHV-150 Cambering Press
Pressure force [tn]150
Motor power [kw]4
Throat depth [mm]300
Working speed [mm/sec]2
Working speed [mm/sec]2
Approaching speed [mm/sec]9.9
Return speed [mm/sec]15.4
Pressure max. [bar]320
Piston stroke [mm]450
Piston stroke [mm]450
Guides diameter [mm]50
Opening between tables [mm]700
Supporting back table [mm]2000 x 500
Pushing main table [mm]500 x 500
Working height [mm]900
Total length [mm]2520
Total width [mm]2000
Overall height [mm]1570
Weight [kg]6700