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RHTC PPHB-28NC with standard tooling set and including NC



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RHTC Presses PPHB-28NC with standard tooling set and including NC 

The horizontal bending and straightening press from Profi Press is a universal hydraulic press that has been designed to perform bending, profiling and straightening operations. The applications of the machine vary depending on the accessories that can be installed on the worktable, on the tool mount and in the punch- and pin holes. 

Our 28 ton horizontal press can be used for many different metal working jobs.

The press has a piston stroke of 180 mm and can be equipped with all kinds of tooling for specific bending or straightening jobs.

We supply a standard toolingset with this press including a stampholder and backgauge. However, we also produce custom-made tooling for your specific request.

Thanks to the NC-control you can easily set the cylinder stroke and save up to 100 working cycles

This 28 ton horizontal press is made in Europe.

Technical specifications:

Pressure force [tn]: 28

Motor power [kW]: 4

Piston stroke [mm]: 195

Piston diameter [mm]: 130

Oil delivery [ltr/min]: 8

Min. working speed [mm/sec]: 2

Max. working speed [mm/sec]: 9.8

Return speed [mm/sec]: 20

Pressure max. [bar]: 200

Cylinder stroke [mm]: 180

Useful table size (L x W) [mm]: 300 x 550

Bending capacity flat steel [mm]: 200 x 10

Total length [mm]: 1150

Total height [mm]: 1103

Working width [mm]: 750

Weight [kg]: 800


NC-control to set the piston stroke and save up to 100 programs

Selector for manual or semi-automatic operation

Flow adjustment valve and pressure control valve

Integrated pressure manometer

Worktable with an angular graduation

Back gauge

We provide different tooling to install on the worktable, on the tool mount and in the punch- and pin holes for a wide range of operations and tasks


Optional accessories

Tool for bending material with a large radius

Accessory for bending a rod (symmetrical)

Tool for bending sheet metal into specific shape

Several stamps and dies


ModelPPHB-28NC with standard tooling set and including NC
Pressure force [tn]28
Motor power [kW]4
Piston stroke [mm]195
Piston diameter [mm]130
Oil delivery [ltr/min]8
Min. working speed [mm/sec]2
Max. working speed [mm/sec]9.8
Return speed [mm/sec]20
Pressure max. [bar]200
Cylinder stroke [mm]180
Total length [mm]1150
Total height [mm]1103
Working width [mm]750
Weight [kg]800