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RHTC PPTL-220 Portal Press



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RHTC Presses PPTL-220 

This 220 ton straightening press with movable frame is eminently suitable for straightening large and heavy structures and sheets. These Profi Press portal presses have an electric movable frame and cylinder. Thanks to these features you have an easy access the different pressing and straightening points of the material. The longitudinal displacement of the frame is carried out by a frequency inverter and cogged belt to ensure precise slides. The lateral movement of the cylinder / headstock is motorised.

The large, lower table (2.100 x 3.500 mm) facilitates the loading and unloading of large parts and sheets. Operation of this 220 ton straightening press with movable frame is carried out by means of a pendant control station. This control station has an operation confirmation button and an emergency stop.

All our hydraulic portal presses meet and satisfy the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the CE standards.

These portal presses are designed to carry out efficacies like the straightening of large sheets and structures. Thanks to the movable frame and the movable headstock you have easy access to all different points of the surface. Made in Europe. 

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Technical Specifications:

Force [tn]: 220

Motor power [kw]: 5.5

Working speed [mm/sec]: 2.2

Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 9

Return speed [mm/sec]: 16.2

Maximum pressure [bar]: 320

Piston stroke [mm]: 450

Table size (L x W) [mm]: 3500 x 2100

Horizontal light [mm]: 2120

Vertical light [mm]: 700

Headstock displacement [mm]: 1510

Frame displacement [mm]: 2440

Working height [mm]: 700

Total length [mm]: 3780

Total width [mm]: 3200

Overall height [mm]: 2990

Weight [kg]: 10000


Motorised movable portal

Motorised movable cylinder

Cylinder stroke is easy to regulate with the end-stroke switches

Selector for manual / semi-automatic operation

Pressure regulator and manometer


Optional accessories

Milling flat table (3500 x 2100 x 85 mm)

Small cylinders fitted in the lower table to lift pieces (each 2 ton power), connected to a second hydraulic group

Additional extension for the cylinder

Larger table size

Dimensions in mm:

A: 2120

B: 700

C: 1510

D: 2440

E: 700

F: 3780

G: 3200

H: 2990

( See diagram above)


ModelPPTL-220 Portal Press
Force [tn]220
Motor power [kw]5.5
Working speed [mm/sec]2.2
Approaching speed [mm/sec]9
Return speed [mm/sec]16.2
Maximum pressure [bar]320
Piston stroke [mm]450
Horizontal light [mm]2120
Vertical light [mm]700
Headstock displacement [mm]1510
Frame displacement [mm]2440
Working height [mm]700
Total length [mm]3780
Total width [mm]3200
Overall height [mm]2990
Weight [kg]10000