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RHTC 200 ton M/H-M/C-2 D=1300mm Motorized Workshop Press



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RHTC Presses 200 ton M/H-M/C-2 D=1300mm

This 200 ton hydraulic press is equipped with a movable cylinder (left-right), in-height adjustable working table, pressure regulation, 2 speeds, joystick and a hand pump for precision pressing.

Our motorised workshop presses are exclusively made in the Netherlands and directly available from our stock.

The motorized workshop presses from RHTC are exclusively made in the Netherlands and eminently suitable for general assembly and straightening work or testing work pieces: a must-have for every workshop.

These Profi Press models are made out of quality steel and the hydraulic system is very precise, whether operated electrically or manually with its hand pump.

Available in:

  • 30 TON M/H-2
  • 60 TON M/H-M/C-2
  • 100 TON M/H-M/C-2
  • 100 TON M/H-M/C-2 D=1500
  • 160 TON M/H-M/C-2
  • 160 TON M/H-M/C-2 D=1500
  • 200 TON M/H-M/C-2
  • 300 TON M/H-M/C-2

Technical specifications:

Pressure force [kN]: 1962

Maximum pressure [bar]: 243

Piston stroke [mm]: 400

Oil delivery [ltr/min]: 7.1/27.6

Oil capacity [dm³]: 64

Working speed [mm/sec]: 1.84

Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 5.73

Return speed [mm/sec]: 7.08

Motor power [kW]: 3

Voltage [V]: 400/3

Frequency [Hz]: 50/60

Revolutions per minute [rpm]: 3000

Insulation protection [IP]: 54

Working width [mm]: 1300

Weight [kg]: 1690


Inside diameter of cylinder [mm]: 320

Diameter of piston rod [mm]: 140

Diameter of piston head [mm]: 175


Movable cylinder (left-right)

Integrated pressure manometer

Pressure regulation

Hydraulic unit with two speeds

In height adjustable working table

Joystick for the control of the piston

Hand pump for precise press work


Optional accessories

Foot pedal or hand remote controller

V-block set for extra support


A: 2270

B: 1610

C: 865

D: 1300

E: 410

F: 1925

G: 150

H: 180

I: 750

J: 975

K: 368


Model200 ton M/H-M/C-2 Motorized Workshop Press
Pressure force [kN]1962
Maximum pressure [bar]243
Piston stroke [mm]400
Oil delivery [ltr/min]7.1/27.6
Oil capacity [dm³]64
Working speed [mm/sec]1.84
Approaching speed [mm/sec]5.73
Return speed [mm/sec]7.08
Motor power [kW]3
Voltage [V]400/3
Frequency [Hz]50/60
Revolutions per minute [rpm]3000
Insulation protection [IP]54
Working width [mm]1300
Weight [kg]1690