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RHTC PP4HR Rack Press



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RHTC PP4HR Rack Press

This rack press has a pressure force of 600 kg. The stroke can be adjusted from 0 to 100 mm and the vertical light can be adjusted from 46 to 280 mm.

Easy to install on a work bench.

Made in Europe.

The power of these rack presses is linear and constant over the entire stroke according to the force that is applied on the lever. These presses are robust, ergonomic and mainly used for assembly tasks.

The stroke can be adjusted and locked for rotation, ensuring precision and durability.

Furthermore, the PP2HR, PP3HR and PP4HR models have a quick and easy adjustment of the vertical light.

One can install a tool directly on the piston head of each rack press.

And all these presses can be installed on a work bench (optional for the PP14HR model and standard for the other models).

Technical Specifications

Pressure force [kg]: 600

Cylinder stroke [mm]: 0 – 100

Vertical light [mm]: 46 – 280

Throat depth [mm]:  95

Table size [mm]: 160 x 145

Total length [mm]: 250

Total height [mm]: 650

Weight [kg]: 25

Available in



- PP14HR


ModelPP4HR Rack Press
Pressure force [kg]600
Cylinder stroke [mm]0 – 100
Vertical light [mm]46 – 280
Throat depth [mm]95
Table size [mm]160 x 145
Total length [mm]250
Total height [mm]650
Weight [kg]25