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Cormak BS260G Manual Bandsaw



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CORMAK BS260G Bandsaw

Machine Type: 3 Phase/400V Single Mitre Cutting Manual Bandsaw

Machine Description

Equipped with a hydraulic cylinder, a cooling system and an arm swiveling up to 60º, is used commonly in metal working, where precision, quality and cutting speed are essential. This horizontal band saw with a swiveling arm, allows for straight cutting and at any angle from 0 to 60º. The material for cutting can be fed manually or with any mechanical feeding device, with automatic tool feed. Band guides are equipped with dedicated carbide plates and bearings. This has a huge impact on band guiding, its durability, cut straightness, cutting accuracy and quality. Carbide guiding drastically reduces the wear of the machine and blades. The machine's arm made of uniform cast iron as well as a 27 mm wide cutting band are capable of low and high quantity cutting of profiles and other materials. The vice is located in an adjustable bed, equipped with a quick clamp. Blade guides have cemented carbide plates and roller bearings. Its these cemented carbide guides that provide cut precision and straightness. The arm, positioned at an angle of 25º, thus increasing blade durability. To the bottom of the arm a brush wire is attached, ensuring clean and functional brush. Machine's drive is transmitted through a worm drive. It is equipped with a 3-phase motor with 2 cutting speeds and motor thermal protection. This bandsaw also has a strain gauge - a band tension sensor and an automatic switch-off in case the cutting blade breaks. Upper part of the base constitutes a tank for flood coolant draining and chips produced during cutting. A cast iron workbench is attached to the base, with a swivel arm and control panel on separate arm. The arm lowering speed (the cutting speed) is adjusted with the hydraulic cylinder. The feed speed is controlled by the control panel. There are 2 cutting band speeds to choose from: 36 and 72 m/min. In rest arm position (after the cutting process) the cutting band drive is switched off automatically. Safety is ensured with cutting band guards and microswitches stopping the motor after cutting cycle is finished or after any of the guards are opened; additional protection consists of automatic switch-off of the band saw in case the cutting band breaks. Technical Specification

Distance from the vice to the floor: 900 mm

Dimensions of blade: 2455 x 27 x 0.9 mm

Connected Power: 400V 3 Phase

Motor power: 1.1kW

Total Power: 1.5kW

Blade speed: 36/72 m/min-1

Feed Speed: 0-150m/min Stepless

Arm Lowering: Stepless via Hydraulic Cylinder

Weight: 216 kg Cutting Capacities 0º Round: ø230mm 0º Rectangle: 260 × 150mm 0º Square: 225 x 225mm 45º R Round: ø165mm 45º R Rectangle: 140 × 150mm 45º R Square: 165 x 165mm 60º R Round: Ø105mm 60º R Rectangle: 100 × 90mm 60º R Square: 110x110mm


ModelBS260G Manual Bandsaw
Blade length2455 x 27 x 0.9 mm
Blade speed36/72 m/min-1
Connected Power400V 3 Phase
Motor power1.1kW
Total power1.5 kw
Capacity (round 90 °)230mm
Capacity (rectangular 90 °)260 x 150mm
Capacity (Square 90º)225 x 225mm
Capacity 45º R (Round)165mm
Capacity 45º R (Rectanagular)140 x 150mm
Capacity 45º R (Square)165 x 165mm
Capacity 60º R (Round)105mm
Capacity 60º R (Rectangular)100 x 90mm
Capacity 60º R (Square)110 x 110mm
Weight216 kg