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Cormak S200-RH Semi-Automatic Bandsaw



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Cormak S200-RH Semi-Automatic Bandsaw

Machine Description Features high accuracy metal cutting, even at 45º/60º. Extremely strong, reliable and modern semi-automatic band saw for metal cutting with automatic lifting and lowering of the arm and a hydraulic vice. The band saw arm rotates in both directions from -45º to + 60º. This bandsaw is ideally suited for cutting pipes, profiles and solid materials. The CORMAK S-200RH Bandsaw is equipped as standard with automatic lowering and lifting of the arm as well as a height adjuster allowing the arm to be raised to a height suitable for the material to be cut. Thanks to the automatic hydraulic silencer, the manual operation of the machine has been simplified to feed and clamp the material to be cut in a vice. The arm made of cast iron together with a refined, massive and stable structure provides the S-200RH saw with exceptional stiffness which translates into trouble-free operation and very high cutting precision. Innovation and production of "CORMAK PREMIUM LINE" power bandsaws of semi-automatic and automatic series according to standards and standards compliant with ISO: 90001 and ISO: 140001 certificates, guarantees safety, quality and product reliability. The use of "M3V" series motors from a well-known and respected global manufacturer, one of the world leaders, ABB company guarantees long and trouble-free operation. Machine Operation Operator starts the machine by pressing the START button and sets the cutting speed. After the cycle is finished the machine automatically stops and the machine lifts the arm to the starting position and the vice operns. Material is fed manually. This model can be used in both low and high quantity production, and due to its solid construction allows for cutting various materials, including stainless steel, tool steel and profiles. The machine provides cutting at an angle due to rotary arm. The band saw arm is made of uniform cast iron, and together with 27mm wide blade enables high quantity cutting of various materials. The vice is equipped with a quick clamp. Blade guides are equipped with a ball bearings system and cemented carbides, ensuring excellent cutting precision and straight cut. The arm is equipped with an automatic blade tension sensor, at a 25° angle, thus increasing blade's durability. There is a blade cleaning brush attached to the bottom of the arm. Machine drive is transmitted through a worm drive filled with gear oil. The machine is equipped with a threephase motor with double winding and two cutting speeds. The motor is thermally protected. Two cutting band speeds: 35 and 70 m/min. Technical Data Type: Semi-Automatic Raising and lowering of arm:Hydraulic with smooth adjustment of the lowering of the arm Band speed: 35/70 mm / min Cutting for angles: Left from 45 ° to 60 ° right Vice: Hydraulic Minimum cutting diameter: Ø 5 mm Minimum length of material in vice: 30 mm Height of the vice base: 780 mm Blade size: 27 x 0.9 x 2910 mm Total power: 2.1 kW Machine Dimensions (L x W x H): 1600 x 800 x 1400 mm Weight: 530 kg Standard equipment • Control console on a separate pedestal • Built-in hydraulic unit • Hydraulic control of arm movement (up - down) with the possibility of smooth regulation of falling speed • Arm position memory function (return of the arm after cutting to a specific height) • Cutting at an angle of L / R 45 ° - 0 ° - 45 ° - 60 ° • Brush cleaning the blade • Cooling system • Bi-metal band saw blade • Declaration of conformity CE • Technical and Movement Documentation


ModelS200-RH Semi-Automatic Bandsaw with Hydraulic Vice
Blade length2910 x 27 x 0.9 mm
Minimum length of material in vice30mm
Minimum cutting diameterø5 mm
Blade speed35/70 m • min-1
Total power2.1 kw 3 Phase
Capacity 0º (Round)250mm
Capacity 0º (Rectangular)320 x 240mm
Capacity 0º (Square)240 x 240mm
Capacity 45º R (Round)220mm
Capacity 45º R (Rectangular)235 x 120mm
Capacity 45º R (Square)210 x 210mm
Capacity 45º L (Round)200mm
Capacity 45º L (Rectangular)220 x 120mm
Capacity 45º L (Square)190 x 190mm
Capacity 60º R (Round)110mm
Capacity 60º R (Rectangular)155 x 110mm
Capacity 60º R (Square)100 x 100mm
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)1600 x 800 x 1400 mm
Weight530 kg