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2004 Emmegi Elettra 550 TU/5 Twin Head Cut-Off Saw


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Emmegi Grafite Elettra 550 TU/5 Twin Head Cut-Off Saw

Machine Type: Twin Head Mitring Cut-Off Saw for Aluminium & PVC Profiles

Year: 2004

Control: ISAC SAB 2001

Condition: Very Good


The Emmegi twin-head cutting-off machines boast of exceptional performance

characteristics, including ruggedness and reliability. This machine is the ideal tool for

cutting aluminum and PVC bars in various thicknesses and at different angles.

This generation of machines which can make a considerable contribution to the

production cycle thanks to their high standard of accuracy and user-friendliness.

The Twin Elettra is a twin-head cutting-off machine with 3 controlled axes. It features

automatic traversing of the moving cutting head as well as electronic control of all the

angular settings from 45° (internal) to 22°30’ (external) with accuracy on each degree

of 240 places.

Technical Specification

Max Cutting Height: 170mm

Max Cutting Width: 360mm

Max Cutting Length: 5000mm

Mitre Cutting: 22.5 to 135Deg

Blade Diameter: 500mm

Blade Motor Power: 2.2kW

Machine Weight: 1760kg


ModelElettra 550 TU/5 Twin Head Cut-Off Saw
Serial NumberM273552
ControlISAC SAB 2001
ConditionVery Good
Max Cutting Height170mm
Max Cutting Width360mm
Max Cutting Length5000mm
Mitre Cutting22.5 to 135Deg
Blade Diameter500mm
Blade Motor Power2.2kW
Machine Weight1760kg