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Cormak Q12E16 Electric Mast Pallet Truck



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Cormak Q12E16 Electric Mast Pallet Truck

Product Type: Electric Pallet Truck


Electric high mast pallet truck (stacker) equipped with electric running gear and lifting system.


Electric Drive System

Electric Lift System

Solid construction made of high quality steel provides higher rigidity and stability

The truck handles easily thanks to the special steering system

Built-in charger

Maintenance-free motor in brushless technology

Battery charge indicator in control box

Safety on/off switch

Built- in controller to protect battery from discharging or damage

Maintenance-free sealed battery AGM

Technical Specifications

Forks Width: 790 mm

Max Lifting Height: 1600 mm

Loading Capacity: 1200 Kg

Forks Length: 1150 mm

Fork Spread: 550mm

Fork Dimensions: 60x142x1150mm

Drive Speed With / Without Load: 3.5/4 Km/h

Lift Speed With Load/Without Load: 0.1/0.2 m/s

Lowering Speed with Load/Without Load: 0.12/0.1 m/s

Total Height: 2090 mm

Total Width: 790 mm

Total Length: 1800mm

Clearance from Floor: 30mm

Turning Radius: 1390mm

Brake: Electromagnetic

Battery Voltage/ Rated Capacity: 2x12/75Ah

Lift Motor Mower: 2.2 kW

Drive Motor Power: 0.75 kW

Weight: 380 Kg

More Information

In the initial phase of the design of the Q12E16 electric mast truck, we had one goal in mind - to create a work tool that would enable the loading and unloading of goods in tight spaces. That's why we decided on compact dimensions and a load capacity of up to 1200 kg, which allows it to work in conditions where other devices find it difficult to move. To the goals already set, we added a lifting height of 1600 mm and two operating modes: fast and "turtle". We also cared about safety and comfort of use, which is why solid construction, powerful motors, electromagnetic parking brake, battery status display and safety switches became a priority for us, which we could not give up. The truck is also very ergonomic, allowing the operator to work with it for long periods of time without tiring.

Greater stiffness and stability during lifting translates into work safety and allows for trouble-free movement of difficult goods, which is due to the solid construction made of high-quality steel, which translates into a longer life of the trolley. The safety switch is necessary to protect the operator and the device. This switch operates when the operator leaves the cab or the truck is misused. This ensures even greater safety at work and protection against unforeseen accidents.

The Q12E16 mast trolley is the perfect solution for working in tight spaces and for unloading and loading vans and trucks. The turtle drive mode allows you to navigate narrow aisles and makes it easier to maneuver the cart, which makes your work faster and easier.

We require no maintenance during the warranty period, which means that our Q12E16 is not only reliable but also economical to run. All these functions and features translate into efficient and safe work.

The built-in controller that protects the battery from dangerous discharge or damage is the reason why the truck is more reliable and the device's operating time is longer. The controller also ensures operator safety as it reduces the risk of battery overheating and increases battery life. This one is sealed and maintenance-free, of the AGM type (absorbing glass mat). It ensures safety of use and longer life of the device.

The AGM battery has a lower self-discharge than traditional lead-acid batteries, which means the Q12E16 mast truck is ready for use as soon as it is charged. In addition, the AGM battery is sealed, eliminating the risk of acid leakage and making it easy to transport and maintain. We decided to use it because it is more resistant to extreme temperatures, impacts and vibrations.

The built-in charger allows you to charge the battery anywhere you have access to a power outlet. This allows the operator to charge the battery during breaks or when transporting the device, allowing continuous and efficient operation. LED battery indicator that informs the operator of the current battery level, so the operator can monitor the battery status and charge it at the right time to ensure continuous and efficient operation. In addition, the Q12E16 mast truck is equipped with a "belly" safety switch that protects the operator from dangerous situations, such as being run over by the truck. When the operator presses the switch, the truck stops immediately, providing additional safety during operation.

The speed controller ensures safe driving and allows you to limit your speed, which is especially useful in tight spaces or near other workers. In addition, the stroller is equipped with a "turtle" driving mode, which allows for even more precise maneuvering in difficult conditions. The "turtle" driving mode allows the trolley to move smoothly and stably at minimum speed, which is extremely important when you need to move a load in tight spaces.

It is possible to control when lifting and lowering loads thanks to the electric drive. The operator can precisely control the lifting and lowering of loads, which speeds up work and increases its efficiency.


ModelQ12E16 Electric Mast Pallet Truck
Product TypeElectric Pallet Truck
Max Lifting Height1600 mm
Loading Capacity1200 Kg
Forks Length1150 mm
Forks Width790 mm
Fork Spread550mm
Fork Dimensions60x142x1150mm
Total Height2090 mm
Total Width790 mm
Total Length1800mm
Clearance from Floor30mm
Turning Radius1390mm
Battery Voltage/ Rated Capacity2x12/75Ah
Lift Motor Mower2.2 kW
Drive Motor Power0.75 kW
Weight380 Kg