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Cormak CK7150 LT12 CNC Lathe



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Cormak CK7150 LT12 CNC Lathe

Machine Type: Driven Tool CNC Lathe

Control: Siemens

Axis: 2 Axis


CK7150 LT12 CNC lathe is characterized compact construction with attractive form, comfortable use and maintain, and a wide processing capability. Suitable for machining non-ferrous, ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts. This lathe can perform turning of cylindrical and tapered surfaces, face surfaces, boring, grooving, threading, turning of spherical surfaces etc., thanks to which it can be widely used in the industry of mechanical devices, vehicles, firing devices, in light industry and manufacturing of electrical elements, for mass and single production.

Technical Specifications

Swing over bed: 500 mm

Swing over the support: 300 mm

Maximum length of workpiece: 600 mm

Spindle bore: 46 mm

Turret: 12 positions

Tool size: 20 x 20 mm

Main motor power: 11 kW

Max speed: 3000 rpm

Lathe chuck: 200 mm

X- axis maximum travel: 200 mm

Z- axis maximum travel: 375 mm

Tailstock taper: MT5

Tailstock sleeve diameter: 88 mm

Tailstock travel: 85 mm

External diameters: 3000 x 1750 x 2100 mm


ModelCK7150 LT12 CNC Lathe
Machine TypeDriven Tool CNC Lathe
Axis2 Axis
Swing over bed500 mm
Swing over the support300 mm
Maximum length of workpiece600 mm
Spindle bore46 mm
Turret12 positions
Tool size20 x 20 mm
Main motor power11 kW
Max speed3000 rpm
Lathe chuck200 mm
X- axis maximum travel200 mm
Z- axis maximum travel375 mm
Tailstock taperMT5
Tailstock sleeve diameter88 mm
Tailstock travel85 mm