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Cormak XZ6350ZB Milling Machine



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Cormak XZ6350ZB Milling Machine

Machine Type: Manual Vertical/Horizontal Milling Machine


3 Axis DRO

Horizontal Spindle Rest

2 Long Milling Mandrels

Worktable Guard

Milling Mandrel with a set of collets for end mills

1–16 mm drill chuck 

ISO 40/ Morse reduction sleeve

24V Lighting installation

Cooling system

Machine Description

This Milling Machine of uncomplicated design warrants long-term reliability. This machine is equipped with a horizontal spindle and vertical head. XZ 6350ZB are also equipped with spindle autofeed.

  • Equipped with vertical head and horizontal spindle
  • ISO 40 tool mount taper
  • Milling machine with X and Y axes feed, and rapid Z-axis setting feed
  • Extendable vertical head spindle
  • Mechanical feed in 3 ranges and automatic threading capability
  • Vertical 0–90 Deg swivel head
  • Extendable swivel upper beam

Technical Specification

Table dimensions: 1270×260 mm

Longitudinal table travel: 750 (700) mm

Transverse table travel: 270 (220) mm

Vertical travel from table to column: 340 mm

Number of T-slots in table: 5

T-slots distance: 50 mm

Table load capacity: 200 kg

Vertical head: swivel 90°

Spindle: extendable L – 120 mm

Spindle taper: ISO 40

Spindle mechanical feed: 0.08-0.15-0.25 mm/rotation

Vertical spindle speed: 90–2000 rpm

Horizontal spindle speed: 40–1300 rpm

Longitudinal feed speed range: 24–402 mm/min

Transverse feed speed range: 24–402 mm/min

Rapid feed: quick adjustable for Z axis

Upper ram extension: 460 mm

Distance from vertical spindle to column: 260–740 mm

Distance from vertical spindle to table: 100–440 mm

Distance from horizontal spindle to table: 0–300 mm

Digital display: for 3 axes

Main motor power: 2.2 kW

Dimensions: 1520×1289×2150 mm

Weight: 1420 kg


ModelXZ6350ZB Milling Machine
Machine TypeManual Vertical/Horizontal Milling Machine
Table dimensions1270×260 mm
Longitudinal table travel750 (700) mm
Transverse table travel270 (220) mm
T-slots distance50 mm
Table load capacity200 kg
Vertical headswivel 90°
Spindle taperISO 40
Spindle mechanical feed0.08-0.15-0.25 mm/rotation
Vertical spindle speed90–2000 rpm
Horizontal spindle speed40–1300 rpm
Longitudinal feed speed range24–402 mm/min
Transverse feed speed range24–402 mm/min
Upper ram extension460 mm
Digital displayfor 3 axes
Main motor power2.2 kW
Dimensions1520×1289×2150 mm
Weight1420 kg