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Cormak RGM16PW Tapping Machine



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Cormak RGM16PW Tapping Machine

Machine Type: Electrically Powered Tapping Machine

Machine Description

The electric tapping machine is a compact and efficient threading device, used both in large production plants and small workshops. Thanks to the high-torque servo drive, the swivel head enables fast and precise thread cutting. Equipped with a blow-through cooling system, the tapping machine provides optimum visibility of the drill hole. The tapping arm has 2 operating modes: automatic and manual.

  • Arm reach of 1100 mm
  • Touch control panel with menu in English
  • Tool holders for DIN taps included: M3,M4,M5,M6-8, M10, M12, M14, M16

The machine is sold without a worktable, vice, taps and magnetic chuck.

The tapping machine has a simple and compact design, equipped with a swivel head, which increases the possibilities of its use. The device is driven by a high-torque servo drive, which ensures strong and reliable performance. In order to operate the device, the tapping arm is equipped with a touch control panel with a menu available in English, Polish and German . This intuitive panel allows you to easily program thread parameters such as rotational speed, thread direction and thread depth.

The threading machine comes standard with a micro-spray system for continuous cooling with minimal use of cooling lubricant. In addition, the machine is equipped with a chip blower for optimum visibility of the drill hole.

The tapping arm is equipped with a quick-release chuck that allows taps to be easily and quickly attached to both through and blind holes. In addition, the device has a rotary motor unit that allows thread cutting at any angle in the range from 0° to 90°. Compared to hand tapping, the tapping machine offers greater accuracy and reliable right angle (90°) tapping. 

Collets for taps are equipped with adjustable overload clutches. Couplings in sleeves are pre-adjusted to standard torque values ​​for specific sizes of taps, but it is possible to adjust these settings using a special wrench included in the set. It also incorporates a large radius pivot arm to help position the tap on the workpiece for accurate and efficient thread cutting. It is designed for thread cutting in a variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

The electric tapping machine is a reliable and effective tool that speeds up the threading process, improving the precision and quality of threads. Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, it is used in a variety of industries, from industrial production to craft workshops.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies and a solid construction, the Tapping Arm provides not only time savings, but also long-term performance and durability. It is an indispensable tool for professionals who require fast, precise and reliable threading in their work.

Technical Specification

Motor Power: 0.6kW

Electrical Connection: 230V

Weight: 30kg

Max Arm Reach: 1100mm

Max Rotation Speed: 312rpm


ModelRGM16PW Tapping Machine
Machine TypeElectrically Powered Tapping Machine
Electrical Connection230V
Motor Power0.6kW
Max Arm Reach1100mm
Max Rotation Speed312rpm