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Cormak 220L Sandblaster



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Cormak 220L Sandblaster

A sandblaster connected under a compressor is an ideal solution for quick, accurate and effective cleaning of various surfaces, e.g. removing rust, paint, sludge from metal surfaces, such as: automotive parts, engines, fittings, casings, wheels, rims, hinges, etc. As abrasive can be used, among others: sand made of plastic, corundum, quartz, glass, etc. The sandblaster we offer is very well equipped and prepared for work. MACHINE DESCRIPTION The machine is equipped with a proven control system, a solid and roomy chamber with side doors, a solid sandblasting gun, four ceramic nozzles, high-quality work gloves, workspace lighting, a large window - a viewfinder (without a blind spot). This machine has a compact construction and a large and roomy working space. It allows ease of use, reliability and safe working environment. Dust-free operation of the device is ensured by the use of perimeter gaskets, which allows you to perform work in an environmentally friendly way. The blasting hose is placed in the bottom of the collecting container. The drain hole allows a quick change of material for sandblasting. THE ADVANTAGES OF OUR SANDBLASTER MODEL • Complete for use • Comfortable sandblasting gun with 4 interchangeable ceramic nozzles • Large, stable side door with rubber perimeter gasket for safe and dust-free operation • High-quality rubber gloves integrated with the device • Venting connection • Efficient lighting of the working space • 4 pieces of removable protective film for the window, viewfinder • Sanding hose located in the bottom of the collecting container • Adapted to work with various abrasives • The drain hole allows a quick change of material for sandblasting • Ease of use, reliability and work safety TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Air requirement: 400-700 l / min Average air requirement: 270 l / min, 6 bar Working pressure: 2.75 - 5.5 bar Permissible pressure:8 bar Air connection: quick coupling 1/4 " Abrasives capacity: 18 kg Extraction connection : 63 mm Viewing Window: 540 x 250mm External dimensions of cabin (LxWxH): 840 x 550 x 550 mm Dimensions(LxWxH): 890 x 570 x 1390mm Weight: 49 kg STANDARD EQUIPMENT - Work area illumination - 12 V fluorescent lamp with 230 V power supply with switch. - 2 high-quality work gloves made of rubber, integrated with the device. - 2 suction (venting) connections with a diameter of 63 mm and 90 mm, enabling the connection of a suction device. - Sandblasting gun with four interchangeable ceramic nozzles: 4, 5, 6, 7 mm. - 4 pieces of removable protective film for the window, viewfinder. - Side door with rubber perimeter gaskets for dust-free operation. - Stable truss in the processing field. - Instructions.


Model220L Sandblaster
Air requirement400-700 l / min
Average air requirement270 l / min, 6 bar
Working pressure2.75 - 5.5 bar
Permissible pressure8 bar
Air connectionquick coupling 1/4 "
Abrasives capacity18 kg
Extraction connection63 mm
Viewing Window540 x 250mm
External dimensions of cabin(LxWxH) 840 x 550 x 550 mm
Dimensions(LxWxH) 890 x 570 x 1390mm
Machine Weight49 kg