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Cormak QHK160 x 125mm Tilting Machine Vice



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Cormak QHK160 x 125mm Tilting Machine Vice

Vice Description

The vice is made of high quality cast iron. Thanks to the precise guiding, the rotary-vice machine vice is used in the precision mechanics industry. The rotating base allows you to change the angle in the horizontal plane by 360 degrees & in the vertical plane by 90 degrees. Jaw inserts made of hardened tool steel (55 + - 3HRC) and precision ground.

Cast iron rotary QHK machine vice, useful while working with grinding, milling, drilling and planing machines, etc.

Made of high-quality cast iron

Equipped with swivel base with 360 Deg pitch, 1 Deg gradation

Body, along with the moving jaw, is made of high-quality cast iron

Top side of the lead screw secured from dirt and chips 

Possible disassembly of the swivel base

While replacing inserts it is advised to machine their surfaces attached to the vice in order to achieve the accuracy parameters specified in the technical documentation

Technical Specification Jaw Width : 160 mm Max Opening : 125 mm Jaw Height: 50 mm Base Width: 244 mm Height: 195 mm Length: 420 mm Clamping force: 3000 kg Weight: 33 kg

Vice Dimensions

S: 160mm

am: 125mm

h: 50mm

H: 195mm

A: 244mm

L: 420mm

D: 18mm


ModelQHK160 x 125mm Tilting Machine Vice
Jaw Width160 mm
Max Opening125 mm
Jaw Height50 mm
Base Width244 mm
Height195 mm
Length420 mm
Clamping force3000 kg
Weight33 kg