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Cormak MCB350HD Bandsaw


Cork, Ireland

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CORMAK MCB350HD Manual Bandsaw Professional, very powerful and efficient bandsaw for metal with quick clamping and swivel arm in the range -45 ° to 60 °. Band saw is equipped with a blade tension gauge and bi-metal bandsaw blade. This machine is ideally suited for cutting pipes, profiles and solid materials. MACHINE CHARACTERISTICS The CORMAK MCB350HD with CE metal band saw enables straight cutting or at any angle in the range from -45 to +60 degrees. The material can be fed manually or through any feeding device. The arm is gravity fed on the principle of oil flow in a two-chamber hydraulic cylinder. The operator starts the machine by pressing the start button and sets the cutting speed. After the cutting is completed, the machine automatically stops and the operator lifts the arm manually to the starting position. The material is fed by hand. This machine can be used for both single part or serial production, and due to its robust design, it enables the cutting of a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, tool steel, solid materials and profiles. Mitre cutting is achieved by turning the arm to the left and right. The arm of the machine is made of a uniform cast iron casting and along with a 27 mm wide blade enables full multistage cutting of both profiles and solid materials. The vise is equipped with a quick clamp. The saw blade guides are equipped with hard metal plates - sintered carbides and roller bearing system. It is CARBIDE GUIDES that are responsible for precision and straightforward cutting. The arm is equipped with an automatic blade tension sensor, it is inclined by 25 degrees, which increases the life of the blade. A swarf brush is attached to the bottom of the arm for perfect cleanliness and blade performance. The drive of the machine is transferred via a worm gearbox filled with gear oil. The machine has a three-phase motor with double winding and two cutting speeds. Motor thermal protection. This bandsaw has a very large cutting range at an angle of 45º to the left to 60º to the right. The machine has two cutting speeds of 32 and 72 m/min. The design: frame, vise and rotatable table are cast iron. Closed coolant system with distribution of fluid to the blade guide. The machine is equipped with a stop with a scale for setting the length of the material to be cut. The cutter has a TENSOMETER - a blade tension sensor and an automatic switch in case the cutting band breaks. Attached to the back of the machine is a roll that feeds the material to be cut. Safety during the cutting process is ensured by an electrical installation that meets all CE requirements. The machine has an end switch that stops the machine after finishing the cutting process, an emergency stop switch, a series of microswitches that switch the machine off when, (i.e) Cuts off if you open the belt transmission cover or cutting band guard. TECHNICAL DATA Minimum cutting diameter: ø5 mm Minimum length of material in vice: 100 mm Distance from the vice to the floor: 940 mm Dimensions of blade: 2950 x 27 x 0.9 mm Total power: 2.2 kw Blade speed: 36/72 m • min-1 Diameter drive wheel / belt: 330 mm Dimensions: 2000 x 1330 x 2020 mm Weight: 600 kg CUTTING CAPACITIES 0º: Round: ø270 Rectangle: 350 × 240 Square: 260 x 260 45º R: Round: ø230 Rectangle: 230 × 150 Square: 210 x 210 45º L: Round: ø200 Rectangle: 200 × 170 Square: 170x 170 60º R: Round: Ø140 Rectangle: 140 × 140 Square: 140x140


ModelMCB350HD Bandsaw
Blade length2950 x 27 x 0.9 mm
Electrical Power3 Phase
Minimum length of material in vice100mm
Minimum cutting diameterø5 mm
Blade speed36/72 m • min-1
Total power2.2 kw
Capacity 90º (Round)270mm
Capacity 90º (Rectangular)350 x 240mm
Capacity 90º (Square)260 x 260mm
Capacity 45º R (Round)230mm
Capacity 45º R (Rectanagular)230 x 150mm
Capacity 45º R (Square)210 x 210mm
Capacity 45º L (Round)200mm
Capacity 45º L (Rectangular)200 x 170mm
Capacity 45º L (Square)170 x 170mm
Capacity 60º R (Round)140mm
Capacity 60º R (Rectangular)140 x 140mm
Capacity 60º R (Square)140 x 140mm
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)2000 x 1330 x 2020 mm
Weight600 kg