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Cormak Goliath 660 x 3000 Universal Manual Lathe



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Cormak Goliath 660 x 3000 Universal Manual Lathe

Machine Type: Manual Universal Lathe

Machine Description

CORMAK GOLIATH 660 is intended specifically for industrial production of individual parts. The basic version comes with a multitude of additional elements, considerably increasing its area of application.


3-jaw lathe chuck

4-jaw lathe chuck

Face plate

Steady rest

Follow rest

Digital readout for 3 axes

Spindle reducing sleeve

Dead centre

Change gears for the swing-frame of the gear train

Cooling system

24V halogen lighting

Thread indicator

User manual

EC declaration of conformity

Technical Specification

Swing over bed: ɸ660 mm

Swing over cross slide: ɸ420 mm

Swing over gap: ɸ870 mm

Turning length over gap: 240 mm

Maximum length of workpiece: 3000 mm

Maximum turning length: 2950 mm

Spindle bore: ɸ105 mm

Spindle mount: ɸ113 mm

Spindle taper: Cam-lock D1-8

Spindle speed: 12 steps, 36-1600 rpm

Longitudinal feed range: 65 types; 0.063-2.52 mm/rev

Transverse feed range: 65 types; 0.027-1.07 mm/rev

Number and types of threads

Metric thread: 1-14 mm, 22 types

Inch thread: 28-2 turns/cal, 25 types

Modular thread: 0.5–7 mm, 18 types

D.P. thread: 56-4 DP, 24 types

Rapid longitudinal feed: 4.5 m/min

Rapid transverse feed: 1.9 m/min

Lead screw thread stroke: 12 mm

Spindle height for tool surface bearings: 28 mm

Tool section: 25 mm x 25 mm

Toolholder angle: +/- 90°

Maximum displacement of knife holder: 145 mm

Transverse slide travel: 310 mm

Tailstock spindle diameter: 75 mm

Tailstock quill taper: MT5

Maximum displacement of lathe live centre: 150 mm

Tailstock transverse displacement: +/- 15 mm

Motor power and speed: 7.5 kW; 1450 rpm; 50 Hz

Dimensions (LxWxH): 4632 mm x 975 mm x 1450 mm

Weight: 3790 kg


ModelGoliath 660 x 3000 Universal Manual Lathe
Machine TypeManual Lathe
Swing over bedɸ660 mm
Swing over cross slideɸ420 mm
Swing over gapɸ870 mm
Turning length over gap240 mm
Maximum length of workpiece3000 mm
Maximum turning length2950 mm
Spindle boreɸ105 mm
Spindle mountɸ113 mm
Spindle taperCam-lock D1-8
Spindle speed12 steps, 36-1600 rpm
Longitudinal feed range65 types; 0.063-2.52 mm/rev
Transverse feed range65 types; 0.027-1.07 mm/rev
Metric thread1-14 mm, 22 types
Inch thread28-2 turns/cal, 25 types
Modular thread0.5–7 mm, 18 types
D.P. thread56-4 DP, 24 types
Rapid longitudinal feed4.5 m/min
Rapid transverse feed1.9 m/min
Lead screw thread stroke12 mm
Toolholder angle+/- 90°
Transverse slide travel310 mm
Tailstock spindle diameter75 mm
Tailstock quill taperMT5
Tailstock transverse displacement+/- 15 mm
Weight3790 kg