JCX Rollforming Line for Corrigate and Box Profile

Cork, Ireland



JCX Roll Forming Line

Machine Type: Roll Forming Line for Corrigate & Box Profile

Condition: Machine Running Well. Shear blade for box profile needs to be replaced. Machine now decommissioned but can be partially ran for viewings.


This machine ran 1220mm wide coil for Corrigate and 1250mm wide coil for Box Profile. Max material thickness used was 0.7mm

Technical Specifications

Max Coil Width: 1250mm

Max Material Thickness: 0.8mm

Roller material: No.45 forged steel

Forming speed: Approx 15-20m/min

Output speed: 10-13m/min

Speed adjusting mode: AC Frequency

Roller drive: Decelerating motor + Chain drive

Cutting mode: Hydraulic cutting

Cutter material: Cr12 mould steel

Length measurement: Encoder

Control mode: Panasonic or Delta PLC

Operating mode: Button + Panasonic/Delta Touch screen

Main motor: 4KW

Hydraulic station motor: 3KW


ModelRollforming Line for Corrigate and Box Profile
Max Coil Width1250mm
Max Material Thickness0.8mm
Roller materialNo.45 forged steel
Forming speedApprox 15-20m/min
Output speed10-13m/min
Speed adjusting modeAC Frequency
Cutting modeHydraulic cutting
Cutter materialCr12 mould steel
Length measurementEncoder
Control modePanasonic or Delta PLC
Main motor4KW
Hydraulic station motor3KW