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Cormak EASY 31135 CNC Pressbrake


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Cormak EASY 31135 CNC Pressbrake

Machine Type: Hydraulic CNC Pressbrake

Year: New

Control: Cybelec CybTouch 12PS

Availability: 12-16 Weeks

Axes: 3 Axis Machine. (Y1,Y2,X)


Fiessler Safety Guards

Full Length Top Tooling

Full Length Bottom Tooling

Manual Crowning

Front Supports

Foot Pedal


CNC Controlled Crowning

R Axis on Back Gauge

Why choose CORMAK press brake?

European production press, made with all machine directives.

Machine with EC Declaration

The production used components from world-renowned manufacturers such as Bosch Rexroth pumps, Schneider Electric electrics, servo motors control, Cybelec control

Heavy and stable construction for precision work

Laser safety system in standard.

Laser protection operator hands: FIESSLER

The system works only during fast approach.

Enables the lowest switchover points between the access speed and working speed over the material.

Does not require special sequences of pressing foot brake.

Enables quick tool change (automatic positioning of transmitter and receiver after changing tools to a different length type)

Doesn't need to stop in box mode

It does not increase the cycle time when bending in box mode compared to other protections

It enable bending material with an uneven surface (e.g. corrugated, uneven, dirty sheet) by changing the speed to slow at any point of rapid movement.


  • Large touchscreen, with vivid colors and high-contrast.
  • TouchProfile function for manual drawing
  • Simple pages, clear display, large keys.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Complete programming for efficient mass-production with multiple bends.
  • Easy single bends thanks to the EasyBend page
  • Online help and interactive warning pop-up.
  • Comfortable wireless software updating and data back-up using PC or Notebook.
  • USB port for memory sticks.
  • Large selection of languages available
  • 4 axes control (Y1-Y2-X-R).
  • TouchProfile 2D graphic part creation with manual sequencing.
  • Bend allowance calculation.
  • Pressure – crowning calculation.
  • Each part or bend can have its specific tools.
  • Punch depth calculation.
  • Angle and back gauge correction.

Technical Specifications

Max. bending length: 3100 mm

Pressure: 135 ton

Stroke: 270 mm

Open height: 550 mm

Throat depth: 450 mm

Distance between columns: 2550 mm

Table width: 120 mm

Table height : 920 mm

Motor power: 15 kW

Oil tank: 200 l

Dimensions: 4200 x 2150 x 2760 mm

Weight: 8700 kg


ModelEASY 31135 CNC Pressbrake
Machine TypeHydraulic CNC Pressbrake
ControlCybelec CybTouch 12PS
Availability12-16 Weeks
Axes3 Axis Machine. (Y1,Y2,X)
Laser protection operator handsFIESSLER
Max. bending length3100 mm
Pressure135 ton
Stroke270 mm
Open height550 mm
Throat depth450 mm
Distance between columns2550 mm
Table width120 mm
Table height920 mm
Motor power15 kW
Oil tank200 l
Weight8700 kg