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Cormak LF30C Fiber Laser Marking Machine


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Cormak LF30C Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Machine Type: Laser Marking Machine


Fiber laser marking machine with a very wide range of applications. The device can successfully process standard metals and their alloys (iron, copper, aluminum, zinc, etc.), precious metals (gold, silver, titanium, etc.) and other metallic materials

The device complies with all safety requirements!

It has the appropriate marking in accordance with the standards, and is activated by a key.

  • The small dimensions of the device allow for easy transport and work on a desk
  • High positioning precision
  • The laser does not require calibration
  • Communication via the USB port
  • EzCad2 software in English
  • Laser lifetime over 100,000 h
  • Support for popular image file formats
  • Low power consumption
  • Built-in fans keep the device cool
  • Rotary axis available as an option

Included with the machine:

  • Fiber laser marking machine, 30W
  • working area: 110 x 110 [mm]
  • Power Supply
  • collimator
  • scanner (galvo)
  • lens
  • red point
  • exhaust extraction
  • START pedal
  • software
  • user manual

Technical Specification

Power Supply: 230V

Maximum Absorbed Power: 800W

Type of laser: Fiber optic 1064 um/30W

Auxiliary Laser (pointer): red <=5mW

Maximum Marking Depth: <2,0mm

Minimum width of the marking line: 0,015mm

Maximum marking speed: 5000mm/s

Maximum height of the marked detail:135 mm

Minimum sign: 0,1mm

Positioning accuracy: +/-0,001mm

Control program: EZCAD2 

Supported file formats: PLT, DXF, DWG, BMP, JPG, PNG and other

Interface: USB 2.0/3.0

Worktable: 210x150 mm

Marking area (lens): 150x150 mm

Maximum distance between the lens and the table: 375 mm

Working temperature: +5/+40C

Working humidity: 5–75%

Dimensions: 450 x 730 x 750 mm

Weight: 95 kg


ModelLF30C Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Machine TypeLaser Marking Machine
Working area110 x 110 [mm]
Power Supply230V
Maximum Absorbed Power800W
Type of laserFiber optic 1064 um/30W
Auxiliary Laser (pointer)red <=5mW
Maximum Marking Depth<2,0mm
Maximum marking speed5000mm/s
Minimum sign0,1mm
Positioning accuracy+/-0,001mm
Control programEZCAD2
InterfaceUSB 2.0/3.0
Worktable210x150 mm
Marking area (lens)150x150 mm
Working temperature+5/+40C
Working humidity5–75%
Weight95 kg