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Cormak BS 712 SW Manual Bandsaw



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Cormak BS712SW Single Phase Manual Bandsaw

Machine Type: 230V/Single Phase Manual Bandsaw

Machine Description

Professional, very powerful and efficient metal band saw with 45° swivel arm, CORMAK BS 712 SW is based on refined solutions making it unrivaled in its class.

Arm made of shaped spheroidal cast iron ensures rigidity during operation and absorbs all vibrations. Control panel is located on the arm of the cutter. It features high efficiency and simple handling. Straight Cutting or Mitre Cutting at any angle in 45° – 90° range. Material can be fed manually or by any feeding device. The feed during cutting is gravitational using a two-chamber hydraulic cylinder. Suitable speed of arm lowering is obtained thanks to the valve controlling oil flow between hydraulic cylinder chambers.

Rugged, stable and refined construction as well as the arm made of uniform cast iron provide high rigidity and stability while cutting, ensuring accuracy and long-term reliability. The design of the 20 mm saw blade used in the machine makes it possible to cut large quantities of elements. Blade Speed is adjusted by adjusting the belt on the motor pulley.

Technical Details

Blade dimensions: 2360 × 0.9 × 20 mm

Motor:(S1 100%) 1.1 kW

Power supply: 230V 50Hz

Band speed: 22/33/45/65 m/min

Weight: 145kg

Packaging dimensions: 1280 × 575 × 1140 mm

Cutting Capacity

Capacity 0º (Round): 205mm

Capacity 0º (Rectangular): 215 x 205mm

Capacity 0º (Square): 205 x 205mm

Capacity 45º L (Round): 150mm

Capacity 45º L (Rectangular): 200 x 100mm

Capacity 45º L(Square): 130 x 130mm

Capacity 45º R (Round): 140mm

Capacity 45º R (Rectangular): 140 x 90mm

Capacity 45º R (Square): 90 x 90mm


ModelBS 712 SW Manual Bandsaw
Machine Type230V/Single Phase Manual Bandsaw
Motor(S1 100%) 1.1 kW
Power supply230V 50Hz
Band speed22/33/45/65 m/min
Capacity 0º (Round)205mm
Capacity 0º (Rectangular)215 x 205mm
Capacity 0º (Square)205 x 205mm
Capacity 45º L (Round)150mm
Capacity 45º L (Rectangular)200 x 100mm
Capacity 45º L(Square)130 x 130mm
Capacity 45º R (Round)140mm
Capacity 45º R (Rectangular)140 x 90mm
Capacity 45º R (Square)90 x 90mm