2012 IMSTec GmbH ACM Robotic Drug Coating Machine

Cork, Ireland



IMSTec GmbH ACM Robotic Drug Coating System

Machine Type: Robotic Drug Coating System for Medical Device Components

Year: 2012

Control: Beckhoff

Condition: Decommissioned in Storage


Robot Loader

2 x Coating Stations

Brief Description

The IMSTec Drug Coating System represents a high end solution for coating applications such as drug and polymer coating for orthopedic implants. Parameters, such as flow rate, spray velocity, drying time etc. are recipe based and can be dynamically loaded depending on the product. An automatic imaging system minimizes the error rate. An automatic material handling system maximizes the mean time to assist.

Technical Highlights

Small footprint (340x170x240) cm³

Cleanroom class ISO 8

Flow control by dynamic feedback loop

2 coating stations

High flow rate range down to 0.5 µl/min

Coating precision up to 0.02 mg/cm²

Ultrasonic spray technology

Dynamic shutter system

Intuitive HMI design

Automatic handling system

Full Description

IMSTec’s fully automated drug and polymer coating system targets coating applications in particular for medical devices such as orthopaedic implants. The centre of the machine is the main module with the robot that handles the parts between the logistical positions. Mounted on the main module are up to three coating cells containing the technique for fully automated coating.

The ultrasonic spray technology combined with a shutter system ensures a precise and repeatable coating result. The highly flexible coating system allows coating of a wide variety of different products and fluids. For ease of use, with minimal user interaction, the coating systems are embedded into an automatic handling system: The operator is required to provide the product loaded onto a logistical tray into the main module. A robotic system transfers the product automatically from the logistic trays to the coating cells where the coating is done automatically.

The flow rate is permanently controlled by a flow meter. A feedback loop ensures a constant liquid flow and a homogeneous coating thickness. A spray shutter mounted underneath the spray nozzle replaces manual masking and guarantees that the coating is only applied to the designated areas. A 5 axis kinematic system allows a variety of different movement patterns adjustable to the part to be coated (250mm x 200mm x 200mm, incl. rotation and tilting).

RFID tags within the part fixtures and the logistical trays ensure single part traceability through the whole process. A filter fan unit on the main module and an exhaust in the coating cells lead to a defined air flow pulling clean air in and contaminated air off the system. Therefore the system provides a cleanroom environment and is completely safe even for coating of harmful fluids. The modular design allows the usage as a stand-alone solution (half or fully automated) as well as the integration into a cluster system.

Large windows around the enclosure allow permanent observation of the process. An electrical safety concept ensures that all movements as well as liquid delivery are stopped when a door or cover is opened


ManufacturerIMSTec GmbH
ModelACM Robotic Drug Coating Machine
ConditionDecommissioned in Storage