Mitutoyo Euro M544 3D Manual CMM


Cork, Ireland



Mitutoyo Euro M 544 3D Manual Coordinate Measuring Machine Manually operated moving bridge design measuringmachine with touch trigger probe system utilising agranite table. All guide-ways are accurately manufactured. The Bridge and Column Axes guide-way are high precision Aluminium, providing optimal longterm stability. Pre-stressed air bearings on all axes. Advanced 21 parameter error compensation. High accuracy digital measuring scales on each axis. Pneumatic filtering and adjusting system. Passive vibration dampers. High-resolution scales with incremental transducers 3 axis digital interpolation readout card Pneumatic lock on/off for each axis with fine movement adjustment New Software in 2016 Status Mitutoyo Model EuroM 544 CMM Frame Measuring Capacity: 500 x 400 x 400 Dell Computer 23” monitor Software: PC-DMIS PcDmis PRO (Professional) CMM Software. Includes Calibration reference sphere Renishaw MIP Indexable Probe Styli kit


ModelEuro M544 3D
Serial NumberMITI544
Stock Number00145
Measuring Strokes Bridge Axis400mm
Measuring Strokes Column Axis400mm
Accuracy in accordance with CMMA with TP20Vol U3 = 5 + 5L / 1000 [μm]
Measuring Strokes Table Axis500mm
Temperature Conditions20Deg +/- 2 DegC, 1 DegC/hour, 1 DegC/m
Table Working Height900mm
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)800 x 1046 x 2288mm
Overall Machine Weight445kg