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Cormak BS-440RH Semi Automatic Bandsaw



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Cormak BS-440RH Semi Automatic Bandsaw

Machine Type: Semi Automatic Single Mitre Bandsaw


In the CORMAK BS-440 RH semi-automatic band saw, after switching on the switch, the entire cutting cycle, i.e. mounting the material to be cut in a hydraulic vice, switching on the cutting band movement, lowering the cutting arm (speed is continuously adjustable), stopping the machine after cutting, lifting the arm (lifting height) adjustable arm and switching off the hydraulic vice is automatic. Manual operation of the machine has been simplified for the feed of the cut material to the bumper. The arm is made of a uniform cast iron with a refined, massive and stable structure provides the CORMAK BS-440 R cutter with exceptional rigidity, which translates into failure-free operation and very high cutting precision.

This machine includes an Innovative Vibration Damping System which brings the following advantages:

  • Longer service life of saws (blades)
  • Lower operating costs
  • Better cut quality and cut surface
  • Quiet saw operation

Cutting Capacity

Capacity 0º (Round): 330mm

Capacity 0º (Rectangular): 460 x 305mm

Capacity 45º (Round): 305mm

Capacity 45º (Rectangular): 305 x 305mm

Capacity 60º (Round): 220mm

Capacity 60º (Rectangular): 220 x 305mm

Technical Specification

Blade Speeds: 40,60,80m/min

Blade Dimensions: 4115x27x0.9mm

Motor Power: 2.2kW

Vice Type: Hydraulic

Hydraulic Power: 0.42kW

Coolant Pump Power: 0.04kW

Machine Dimensions: 2100x1850x1400mm

Machine Weight: 990kg


ModelBS-440RH Semi Automatic Bandsaw
Capacity 0º (Round)330mm
Capacity 0º (Rectangular)460 x 305mm
Capacity 45º (Round)305mm
Capacity 45º (Rectangular)305 x 305mm
Capacity 60º (Round)220mm
Capacity 60º (Rectangular)220 x 305mm
Blade Speeds40,60,80m/min
Blade Dimensions4115x27x0.9mm
Motor Power2.2kW
Vice TypeHydraulic
Hydraulic Power0.42kW
Coolant Pump Power0.04kW
Machine Dimensions2100x1850x1400mm
Machine Weight990kg