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Almi AL1-2E Motor Powered Pipe Notcher



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ALMI AL1-2E Motor Powered Pipe Notcher


Easy Use

With the electrically powered AL1-2E you can easily and quickly notch large numbers of pipes. The machine is started by the push of a button, the pipe notcher being driven continuously. This allows the user to produce continuously without having to switch on the machine each time.

Electrically Powered

With the motor-powered pipe notcher AL1-2E you can notch external pipe diameters of Ø26.9 (3/4″), Ø337 (1″), Ø42.4 (1 ¼”), Ø48.3 (1 ½”), Ø60.3 ( 2). Do you notch a lot of tubes? Then the AL1-2E motor-powered pipe notcher with 2.2 kW electric motor is the solution for you! The motor forms a whole with the special eccentric shaft that drives the notching tool. The motor is also fitted with an on/off switch with 0-voltage protection and a protective hood.


ALMI Pipe notchers are made of high-quality steels, which guarantees a long service life.

Technical Details

Suitable for: Ext. pipe diameters Ø 26.9(3/4″) Ø 33.7(1″) Ø 42.4(1_¼”) Ø 48.3(1_1/2″) Ø 60.3(2″)

Advantage: Quick and easy notching

Wall thickness (steel): 5mm

Wall thickness (stainless steel): 3mm

Weight: 87kg

Operation: Electric

Motor Power: 2.2kW

Connection: 400V 3 Phase

Application: Round Pipe


ModelAL1-2E Motor Powered Pipe Notcher
ApplicationRound Pipe
AdvantageQuick and easy notching
Wall thickness (steel)5mm
Wall thickness (stainless steel)3mm
Motor Power2.2kW
Connection400V 3 Phase