2011 Nikon Metrology iNEXIV VMA-2520 CNC Video Measuring System

Cork, Ireland



2012 Nikon Metrology iNexIV VMA-2520 CNC Video Measuring System

Machine Type: CMM & Vision System/CNC Video Measuring System

Year: 2011

Condition: Excellent. Machine was never installed and is in original packing. New price is €65k

Notes: Main Photo is a file photo of a similar system


EVA40000 iNEXIV VMA-2520 Main Body

Main Body with Stage, Controller, Connection Cables, Joystick Box, Correction Data (FD) Rubber Shielding Parts for Carrying Bar Hole (4 pcs),Carrying Bars (4 pcs, to fix a mainbody on to a steel pallet)

EVB40000 - VMA Zooming Head

EVC40000 - VMA Laser AF

EVD40000 - VMA White LED Ring Illuminator

EVG40000 - VMA Second Objective Lens

EVJ40100 - VMA 3CCD Colour Camera

EVH40200 - VMA TP200 Touch Probe with Accessories


This entry level, low-magnification model with a compact, lightweight design offers the functionality and image processing capability of the NEXIV VMR Series. The long 200mm Z Axis stroke, 73.5mm working distance and 250mm x 200mm XY strokes enable easy Z Axis Measurement of 3D parts with uneven surfaces, including mechanical parts, plastic injection moulding parts & medical devices.

Technical Specification

Optical Magnification: 0.35x to 3.5x

Total Magnification: 14x to 141x

Field of View: 13.3 x 10mm to 1.33 x 1mm

Strokes (X x Y x Z): 250 x 200 x 200mm

Minimum Readout: 0.1µ

Max Workpiece Weight: 15kg

Camera: 1/3-in 3CCD Colour

Working Distance: 63mm with Laser AF

Auto Focus: Laser AF

Illuminator: Diascopic, Episcopic, 8-Segment LED Ring Illumination

Power Source: 240V, 50Hz

Power Consumption: 5A

Dimensions: 2000 x 1000mm

Total Weight: 123kg


ManufacturerNikon Metrology
ModeliNEXIV VMA-2520 CNC Video Measuring System
Serial Number1402812
Optical Magnification0.35x to 3.5x
Total Magnification14x to 141x
Minimum Readout0.1µ
Max Workpiece Weight15kg
Camera1/3-in 3CCD Colour
Working Distance63mm with Laser AF
Auto FocusLaser AF
Power Source240V, 50Hz
Power Consumption5A
Dimensions2000 x 1000mm
Total Weight123kg