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Cormak RBM50 Section Rolls



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Cormak RBM50 Section Rolls

Electric bending machine for bending tubes, profiles, rods and flat bars, dependent on the rollers equipped. This bending machine is also equipped with a mechanical upper roller clamping with a vernier scale. Perfect for bending arches, rings, spirals, etc. Its bulkiness provides optimal stability during operation. A foot pedal for left/right rotation control included in the set. Used in iron working shops and on construction sites. Maximum tubes bending range up to 70 mm. MACHINE CHARACTERISTICS Bending radius adjusted with an installed on the top of the machine clamping device equipped with a vernier scale 

Area of application: bending profiles and tubes bending

Capable of bending various profiles due to its universal rollers

Its bulkiness provides optimum stability

Ground and hardened lateral guiding rollers

Bending shafts of durable and tempered steel

Controlled with a foot pedal

Left/right operation TECHNICAL PARAMETERS

Shaft diameter: ø 50mm Diameter of rolls: ø 155mm Working speed: 4 - 5rpm

Capacity Round Tube: 70 x 2mm

Capacity Rectangular Box: 60 x 60 x 3mm

Capacity Round Bar: ø 35mm

Capacity Rectangular Bar: 35 x 35mm Motor power: 1.5 kw Weight: 450 kg Length: 900 mm Width: 850 mm Height: 1700 mm


  • Lateral guiding rollers
  • Foot pedal
  • Various sets of shafts
  • User manual
  • EC declaration of conformity



ModelRBM50 Section Rolls
Capacity Round Tube70 x 2mm
Capacity Round Barø 35mm