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2019 Dalmec PEC, PARTNER EQUO Pneumatic Manipulator


Cork, Ireland

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"As New" Dalmec PEC,PARTNER EQUO Pneumatic Manipulator

Machine Type: Pneumatic Parts Manipulator for Pressbrakes

Year: 2019

Capacity: Up to 550kg

Condition: As new. Never taken out of the crate.

Manipulator Description

Dalmec Machine Type: PEC, PARTNER EQUO pneumatic manipulator

Mounting: Column mounted to be bolted to the floor

Brakes: Pneumatic brakes to all axes


Venturi vacuum with suitable suction cups

Three additional manually interchangeable tooling heads

180 degrees manual rotation

120 degrees ‘free’ inclination

Highered controls

Manually adjustable tooling interaxis


Transpallet Base Plate

In order to make the Dalmec manipulator a fully free-standing mobile unit it has a transpallet base plate (1200 mm x 1200 mm x 140

mm) with all the relevant counter-balancing built into the base. This system allows the machine to be moved about between work stations simply by disconnecting the air supply and up-lifting with either a handpallet or a fork lift truck.

Screw Stabilisers

Screw stabilisers are fitted to ensure that the base plate is positioned squarely to prevent any “drifting” of the manipulator arms.

Level Indicators

Level Indicators for Transpallet Base Plate to it is level

Technical Specifications

Mounting: Column mounted to be bolted to the floor

Brakes: Pneumatic brakes to all axes

Main Axis Rotation: 360°

Intermediate Axis Rotation: 300°

Tooling Axis Rotation: 360°

Min. Vertical Lift: 150 mm

Max. Vertical Lift: 1750 mm

Nominal Radius: 3000 mm

NB. Photos Shown are of Sample Similar Dalmec Units


ModelPEC, PARTNER EQUO Pneumatic Manipulator
CapacityUp to 550kg
Main Axis Rotation360°
Intermediate Axis Rotation300°
Tooling Axis Rotation360°
Min. Vertical Lift150 mm
Max. Vertical Lift1750 mm
Nominal Radius3000 mm