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Cormak 500 x 1500YB Universal Manual Lathe



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Cormak 500 x 1500YB Universal Manual Lathe

Machine Description

Heavy Duty Industrial Universal Lathe with speed adjustment from 9 to 1600 rpm. Turning diameter – 500 mm, 1500 mm turning length, 85 mm spindle bore.

Modern industrial universal lathe, easy in handling, equipped with a 3 axes digital readout. Useful in refurbishment and toolroom departments as well as in high quantity production.

Machine Features

  • Wide area of application, including mechanical engineering, manufacturing, high quantity machining, training workshops, etc.
  • Removable bridge allows for machining elements of large diameter
  • Modern bearing of the main arbor with ball bearings
  • Central system of switching feeds, a lead screw and a lead shaft for threading
  • Accurate speed and feed adjustment
  • Bed of the machine is torsion-resistant and vibration-free, providing basic grounds for accurate turning

Included Equipment

250 mm 3-jaw lathe chuck

320 mm 4-jaw lathe chuck

3 axes digital readout

Face plate

Steady rest

Spindle reducing sleeve

Dead centre

Cooling system

Lighting installation

Lathe equipped with an electromechanical foot brake compliant with EC regulations

Chips container

Set of handling tools

Protective guards compliant with the newest EC regulation

User manual

EC declaration of conformity

Factory new machine under full warranty

Technical Specifications

Swing over bed: 500 mm

Swing over cross slide: 300 mm

Swing over gap bridge: 710 mm

Turning length in gap: 240 mm

Centres distance: 1500 mm

Centres height: 250 mm

Bed: Inductively hardened

Spindle bore diameter: 85 mm

Spindle speed: 9–1600 rpm

Maximum tool dimensions: 25×25 mm

Toolpost: 4 Way

Cross-slide Travel: 320mm

Top-Slide Travel: 145mm

Longitudinal feed range: 0.063–2.52 mm/turn

Transverse feed range: 0.027 – 1.07 mm/turn

Metric thread: 0.5–22 mm

Inch thread: 1/8–72 T.P.I.

Modular thread: 0.5–112 M.P

D.P. thread: 1/4-56 D.P.

Tailstock quill travel: 150 mm

Digital readout: 3 axes

Main motor power: 7.5 kW

Weight: 3300kg


Model500 x 1500YB Universal Manual Lathe
Swing over bed500 mm
Swing over cross slide300 mm
Swing over gap bridge710 mm
Turning length in gap240 mm
Centres distance1500 mm
Centres height250 mm
BedInductively hardened
Spindle bore diameter85 mm
Spindle speed9–1600 rpm
Maximum tool dimensions25×25 mm
Toolpost4 Way
Cross-slide Travel320mm
Top-Slide Travel145mm
Longitudinal feed range0.063–2.52 mm/turn
Transverse feed range0.027 – 1.07 mm/turn
Metric thread0.5–22 mm
Inch thread1/8–72 T.P.I.
Modular thread0.5–112 M.P
D.P. thread1/4-56 D.P.
Tailstock quill travel150 mm
Digital readout3 axes
Main motor power7.5 kW