How We Work

We sell your machine for you in the following way:

1.You provide us with the Make,Model, Year of Manufacture and short description on the machine condition.

2. We provide you with an evaluation on the machine and this is the price we will pay you for your machine once the machine is sold.

3. Once the price is agreed, we visit your premises to take the relevant photos and videos of the machines for sale.

4. We then advertise the machine across the globe to ensure that you get the best price for your machine.

5. Once the machine is sold we transfer the agreed amount to you before collection of the machine.

The above is applicable to High Value Machines, for Lesser Value Machines we charge a 10% Commission on the sale price of the machine. Lesser Value Machines = Machines with a value of less than €5,000


We Source a Machine for you in the following way:

1. You provide us with details of your required machine and approximate budget you wish to spend.

2. We do the rest!

3. Once a suitable machine or machines are sourced, we will contact you with all of the machine options sourced.