CORMAK Milling Machines

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  • Cormak Milling and drilling machine ZX 7045 B1 with DRO & Coolant Equipment

    PRICE: €4,195.00 + Vat @ 23%


    This machine can be used for drilling, reaming and expanding holes up to 45/40 mm in cast iron and threading screws for M12 mm, milling up to 80 mm width, and counter boring up to 22 mm. It is also suitable for cutting and face milling. The machine is equipped with a digital readout & Coolant.

    • Heavy stable cast iron
    • The height of the milling machine is adjustable on its frame, not on a column
    • Massive cross table for drilling mills / drills with precisely ground surface
    • Vee Guides
    • Silent operation thanks to ground gear wheels
    • Left and right rotation
    • Rotating head +/- 90 degrees
    • Height adjustable head
    • Includes Machine Base
    • Includes Coolant Equipment

    Maximum drilling size:
    45 mm (Cast)
    32mm Mildsteel
    Maximum face milling: 80 mm
    Maximum end milling: 28 mm
    Maximum threading: 12 mm
    Transmission: 120 mm
    Spindle taper: MT4
    Spindle speed 50 - 3024 rpm
    Max. Distance of spindle nose from the table: 475 mm
    Dimensions Of Work Table: 820 X 240 mm
    Travel (x): 500mm
    Travel (y): 170mm
    Travel (Spindle): 100mm Auto-feed
    Motor: 1300W, 1400 min-1
    Packing Size: 1140 x 800 x 1040 mm
    Power: 400V
    Net Weight: 360 Kg

    Mk4 / b18 drill chuck shank
    Hand tools
    Drill chuck 3-16 mm / b18
    Mk4 / mk3 reduction sleeve
    Mk3 / mk2 reduction sleeve
    Instruction manual

    Rotary Vices
    Tilting Vices
    Precision Vices
    Dividing Table
    Dividing Head
    Clamping Set

  • Cormak Universal Milling Machine ZX 7055 ZB

    PRICE: €8,250.00 + Vat @ 23%


    Universal milling machine with a strong construction, equipped with two spindles - horizontal and vertical spindle with auto feed - driven by two independent motors 2.2 and 1.5 kW. Automatic feeds in the X and Y axes make work much easier.

    • Automatic Electrical Feed In All Axes
    • Automatic Mechanical Table Feed In X Axis
    • Automatic Spindle Feed
    • Heavy Stable Construction
    • Large Cross Table With Precisely Ground Surface
    • Precision Guides In All 3 Axes
    • Silent Operation Thanks To Ground Gear Wheels
    • Left And Right Head Rotation
    • Turret Head +/- 90 °

    Working dimensions: 1000 x 240 mm
    Longitudinal table travel (x):550 mm
    Cross-table travel (y): 230 mm
    Knee-column travel (z):320 mm
    Amount of t-grooves in the table:5
    Distance between grooves:45 mm
    Maximum loading of the table:100 kg
    Vertical head:90 ° turret head
    Spindle: vertical - retractable by L 120 mm
    Spindle taper:ISO 40
    Spindle speed vertical spindle: 115 - 1750 rpm
    Horizontal spindle speed: 60 - 1350 rpm
    Speed for longitudinal speed (x):74 - 720 mm / min
    Power of the spindle motor: 2.2 kw
    Power of the vertical spindle motor: 1.5 kw
    Dimensions: 1290 x 1220 x 2200 mm
    Weight:970 kg

    • 3 Axes SIno Digital Readout
    • ISO 40 Morse reduction sleeves
    • Drill chuck B16
    • Declaration of conformity CE
    • Machine vice L - 160 mm
    • Milling spindle complete with clamping sleeves for end mills
    • Basic tools
    • 24V halogen lighting installation
    • Cooling system
    • Instruction Manual

    • Rotary Vices
    • Tilting Vices
    • Precision Vices
    • Dividing Tables
    • Dividing Heads
    • threading heads
    • Clamping Set

  • Cormak MFM 250 Milling Machine

    PRICE: €11,880 + Vat @ 23%


    Turret milling machine with a moveable head in 3 axes. The machine has very wide capabilities, which can be used in one off and serial production.

    Head tilted in 2 axles turned the right / left ± 90 left drop + rear ± 45 °
    3 automatic feed
    Heavy roller turning
    Central spindle lubrication, nuts and guides
    Spindle brake
    Cooling system with tank
    Slotting head (as an additional option)
    Digital readout for 3 axes

    Working dimensions: 1370 x 254 mm
    Longitudinal table travel (x): 850 mm
    Cross-table travel (y): 400 mm
    Knee travel (z): 420 mm
    Spindle distance to table: 0 - 405 mm
    Spindle taper: iso 40
    Movement of quill: 127 mm
    Spindle speed:(16 speeds) 65 - 4500 rpm
    Motor power:3 kw
    Dimensions:2550 x 2200 x 2240 mm
    Weight:1550 kg