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2014 Citizen Cincom K16E-VIIP CNC Sliding Head Turning Center



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2014 Citizen Cincom K16E - VIIP CNC Sliding Head Lathe

Machine Type: 7 Axis CNC Sliding Head Lathe

Year: 2014

Condition: Very Good

Availability: Quarter 1 - 2022


Iemca Elite 220/R 37XL 3.6m Automatic Barfeed

Face Driven Tool Unit - 3 Position

Workpiece Conveyor

LNS Turbo HB Swarf Conveyor

Coolblaster CB510 High Pressure Coolant Unit

Absolent Fume Extraction ODF-S1000

Nobel Automatic Fire Suppression

Technical Details

Maximum machining diameter: 16 mm

Maximum machining length: 200 mm

Maximum front drilling diameter: 10 mm

Maximum front tapping diameter (tap, die): M8

Spindle through-hole diameter: 20 mm

Main spindle speed: 15,000 rpm

Maximum drilling diameter for gang rotary tool: 5 mm

Maximum tapping diameter for gang rotary tool: M4

Spindle speed of gang rotary tool (Rating): 6,000 rpm (Rating: 4,500 rpm)

Maximum chuck diameter of back spindle: 16 mm

Maximum protrusion length of back spindle workpiece: 40 mm

Maximum protrusion length: 80 mm

Maximum drilling diameter for back spindle: 6 mm

Maximum tapping diameter for back spindle: M5

Back spindle speed: 10,000 rpm

Maximum drilling diameter for back tool post rotary tool: 5 mm

Maximum tapping diameter for back tool post rotary tool: M5

Spindle speed of back tool post rotary tool (Rating): 4,500 rpm (Rating: 3,000 rpm)

Maximum number of tools to be mounted: 23

Turning tools on the gang tool post: 6~7

Cross rotary tools: 4~8

Rotary tools for front drilling: 4

Tools for front drilling: 3~4

Tool size (gang tool post) square: ½"

Tool size sleeve diameter: ¾"

Main spindle collet chuck: TF20

Back spindle collet chuck: TF20

Rotary tool collet chuck: ER11

Chuck for drill sleeves: ER11, ER16

Guide bushing: 0201

Rapid feed rate X1 and Y1 axes: 24 m / min

Rapid feed rate Z1, X2 and Z2 axes: 32 m / min

Spindle drive motor: 2.2 / 3.7 kW

Gang tool post rotary tool drive motor:  0.4 kW

Back spindle drive motor: 0.4 / 0.75 kW

Back tool post rotary tool drive motor: 0.4 kW

Coolant oil motor: 0.25 kW

Lubricating oil motor: 0.003 kW

Center height: 1,050 mm

Input power capacity: 8 kVA

Air pressure and air flow rate for pneumatic devices: 0.5 MPa ・ 70 NI / min

Machine Dimensions: 1820x1070x1680mm (Excluding Barfeed and ancillary equipment)

Weight: 2,200 kg


ModelCincom K16E-VIIP CNC Sliding Head Turning Center
Serial NumberKE5204
ConditionVery Good
Maximum machining diameter16 mm
Maximum machining length200 mm
Maximum front drilling diameter10 mm
Spindle through-hole diameter20 mm
Main spindle speed15,000 rpm
Maximum protrusion length80 mm
Back spindle speed10,000 rpm
Cross rotary tools4~8
Tools for front drilling3~4
Tool size sleeve diameter¾"
Main spindle collet chuckTF20
Back spindle collet chuckTF20
Rotary tool collet chuckER11
Chuck for drill sleevesER11, ER16
Guide bushing0201
Spindle drive motor2.2 / 3.7 kW
Back spindle drive motor0.4 / 0.75 kW
Coolant oil motor0.25 kW
Lubricating oil motor0.003 kW
Center height1,050 mm
Input power capacity8 kVA
Weight2,200 kg