Cormak Pedestal Drilling Machines

Cormak Pedestal Drilling Machines

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  • Cormak Bench Mounted Drill - Capacity 16mm - Single Phase

    PRICE: €654.00 + VAT @ 23%

    The drill thanks to the rigid construction ensures perfect drilling quality. the tilting table allows a wide range of processing. the machine has an electronic speed indicator and a drilling depth indicator.

    Tilting table -45 ° to + 45 °
    Rigid machine construction
    Height adjustable table
    Three-arm quill lever,
    Drilling depth indicator,
    Electronic speed indicator for drilling
    Laser pointer

    Maximum diameter : 16 mm
    Rotational speeds: 350-2700 rpm
    Power: 230 v
    Taper: MT2
    Spindle distance from the base: 430 mm
    Table height adjustment: 335 mm
    Diameter of column: 60 mm
    Table dimensions: 240x240 mm
    Dimensions of base: 400x232 mm
    Power of s1/s6 motor: 500/700 W
    Height: 910 mm
    Weight: 46 kg

  • Cormak WS20 Bench Mounted Drill - Capacity 20mm - 3 Phase

    PRICE: €1,415.00 + VAT @ 23%

    The WS20 bench drill is a general-purpose drilling machine for performing operations such as drilling, reaming, countersinking, threading (using special holders for threading tools). Drill allow drilling and tapping with multi-spindle holders. The drilling machine is characterised by high efficiency, accuracy of operations, low noise level, wide range of rotational speeds, a centralised control panel for ease of use.

    High spindle rigidity
    Forward & reverse rotation
    The spindle head, column, table and column base made of the highest quality of seasoned castings
    Spindle and transmission shafts of hardened and heat treated steel
    High motor power
    A large spindle stroke
    Readable control panel
    Spindle cover u-type with limit switch according to CE
    Working table manually lifted with 360 rotation and assembly grooves
    Belt transmission cover equipped with an extreme safety switch
    CE certificate
    Adjustable drill chuck with key and mt sleeve
    Spindle drift key

    Max. Diameter of drilling in steel: 20 mm
    Max. The diameter of threading in steel: m16
    Diameter columns: 85 mm
    Spindle lever: 135 mm
    Distance to column: 260 mm
    Max. Distance to table: 366 mm
    Max. Distance to base: 678 mm
    Mounting spindle: MT2
    Spindle speeds: 280-1875 rpm
    Number of speeds: 5
    Table dimensions: 300 x 320 mm
    Dimensions of the base: 376 x 566 mm
    Height of machine: 1245 mm
    Motor power: 1.1 kw
    Power: 400v
    Net weight: 179 kg
    Dimensions: 800 x 450 x 1250 mm

    OPTIONAL: Coolant equipment

  • Cormak Z5028S Pedestal Drill - Capacity 28mm - 3 Phase

    PRICE: €2,173.00 + VAT @ 23%

    A very efficient pillar drill for optimal drilling results. The drill has a large work table, 12 spindle speed ranges, right / left rotation, adjustable depth stop with scale.

    Work light
    Threading option
    Base with t-slots
    Adjustable setting of the table inclination and table height
    The possibility of tilting the table with an accuracy of 1 °
    Turn right / left
    Drilling depth indicator

    Max. Diameter of drilling: 28 mm
    Spindle taper: MT3
    Spindle lever: 130 mm
    Distance from the spindle nose to the workplate: 125 - 825 mm
    Distance from the spindle to floor: 1220 mm
    Spindle speeds: 75 - 3200 rpm
    Number of gears: 12
    Dimensions of work table: 380 x 380 mm
    Dimensions of base: 360 x 535 mm
    Width of T-grooves: 14 mm
    Motor power: 1.1 Kw
    Voltage: 400v
    Weight: 230 kg