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CORMAK Metal Working & Wood Working Full Catalogue

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MAKTEK Group is one of Europe’s largest suppliers specializing in the manufacture of metal and wood working machines.The group consists of companies making tools and components for machines as well as providing assembly services.

MAKTEK is a leading supplier of machine tools in Poland and a trend-setter in the metal and wood machining sector. As a manufacturer of machines of the CORMAK brand we use innovative and original solutions in our products.

On more than 7,000 m2 of warehouse area, located in Siedlce, over 5,500 machines are readily available to customers . The Company’s ongoing expansion into foreign markets increases our demand for storage area, therefore we are about to complete more warehouses. We guarantee proven quality of our products and their compliance with applicable directives and regulations.

Why is the CORMAK brand to be trusted?


  • CORMAK is a Polish brand providing solutions recommended by our Customers for years. We offer only top-quality machines and constantly aspire to higher machinery standards.
  • We provide professional warranty and post-warranty service for sold machines. Our engineers have excellent knowledge and experience regarding the operation and maintenance of wood and metal working machinery .
  • By choosing CORMAK  you are certain to be buying from a Polish company. All our machines on offer have all appropriate European work safety certificates.
  • Our experts give comprehensive information and professional advice regarding the best solutions for your business. You can always count on our professional service.

Fully Compliant with CE Legislation