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Cormak PW-1530 WBT Plasma Cutter with Water Table



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Cormak PW-1530 WBT Plasma Table

Machine Type: Plasma Water Table and CNC Control - Excluding Plasma Source

Machine Description

CNC plasma burner with water table is a device designed for cutting out shapes from metal sheets (any shapes). This machine features simplicity and easy handling. Our CNC cutter ensures high accuracy and repeatability of cutting (0.1 mm), allowing for the burned shapes to be transferred directly to the next stage of manufacturing.

A slow wear of consumables, resources and low gas emission, due to the usage of water table. No need for smoke and exhaust gases extractor.

Machine Benefits

  • Water table
  • no need for smoke and exhaust gases extractor
  • modest dimensions of the machine allow for placing it anywhere
  • THC voltage height controller 
  • precise blowtorch setup
  • a very accurate cut, without further additional machining necessary
  • sheet detection system
  • a handy control panel
  • an intuitive machine handling
  • possibility to cut and gouge steel
  • machine handling training at buyer’s location
  • a library of standard geometrical figures


  • 1500×3000 working area
  • Y-axis 140 mm (clearance) range 
  • Usage of rigid and stable construction
  • Water table
  • Voltage height controller
  • Blowtorch height regulation system
  • Blowtorch height and stabilisation sensor
  • FastCAM software along with a licence in English
  • USB port as well as internal and external memory
  • User-friendly interface – easy operation, even for people without prior experience of working with such programs as FastCAM
  • Import of drawings in the *.txt format from any programs similar to e.g. AutoCAD, SolidWorks etc.
  • MAKRO – a library containing standard shapes enables creating figures without the necessity of drawing them.
  • NESTING – an automatic arrangement of elements on a sheet
  • DEMO – shows a working path without having to turn on the plasma source or oxygen


ModelPW-1530 WBT Plasma Cutter with Water Table